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  1. For Sale: 2001 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro Tip Sport Celebration
  2. For Sale: Staggered 18” DTM Kreuz Falken 912
  3. For Sale: Pioneer avic F-90bt
  4. For Sale: Sig SP2022 and P239 for sale.
  5. For Sale: BBS Avantgarde
  6. For Sale: 4 Yokohama S.Drive Tires 235/35/19
  7. For Sale: EuroGear CF hood with aerocatch hood pins
  8. For Sale: 2 crossfire BMF 10" Subs , Crossfire VR1000D monoblock amplifier
  9. For Sale: CF Fabric
  10. For Sale: Audi Center caps FS
  11. Feeler: OEM Xenon Headlights
  12. For Sale: Eyelids B6 A4/S4
  13. For Sale: PARTING OUT!! Fast Intentions Fullback Exhaust, Bilstein PSS9, DPE Wheels
  14. For Sale: Full stereo lots of pics amazing deal make me some offers!!!
  15. Wanted: Any 02-03 B6ers need free rear brakes???
  16. Wanted: Brilliant Black B7 S-Line bumper & Grille
  17. For Sale: ASP Motor Mounts
  18. For Sale: AM and OEM B6 brake parts
  19. For Sale: Garage Sale---IN SAN DIEGO----EVERYTHING MUST GO BY TODAY 8-10-09!
  20. For Sale: 42" jvc 1080p hd lcd $600
  21. For Sale: Thermal R&D (Race) exhaust (no DP)
  22. Anyone want to get rid of b6 a4 1.8t awd magnaflow exhaust?
  23. For Sale: Ko3 turbo
  24. Someone PLEASE! Buy my wheels!
  25. For Sale: DTM phantom black perlescent filler plate $125 OBO
  26. For Sale: Er smic b7 a4 2.0t
  27. For Sale: OEM B6 16" Wheels($150)
  28. For Sale: OEM-cd/radio...OEM-intake box...Abt bodykit
  29. Wanted: s-line fog grilles
  30. For Sale: My car
  31. Feeler: 19" Leon Hardiritt Klosters 3 piece forged stagg offset
  32. Can anyone help me???
  33. 02 audi parts for sale
  34. For Sale: 2004 S4 Platinum Leather Recaros, Front and Rear
  35. For Sale: B5 A4 Audi 1.8TQM 1999.5 FULL PART OUT
  36. Wanted: Fast Intentions downpipes for B6 S4 6MT
  37. For Sale: OEM 17" a4 wheels + tires [ lots of tread ]
  38. Wanted: WTB: B6 A4 belly pan
  39. For Sale: DEFI Boost Gauge, D-Link Unit, & Etc.
  40. For Sale: Cheap a** audi stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  41. For Sale: B5 S4 Rear Sedan seats in black leather (bottom and backing)
  42. For Sale: Audi A4 B6/B7 Parts
  43. Wanted: I need spacers for my 02 s6 avant!
  44. For Sale: Parting Out: Exhaust, Suspension, Rims
  45. For Sale: Stock 6-Speed B5 S4 Downpipes - $90 OBO
  46. For Sale: XBOX 360, Accessories and Games
  47. WTB: AUDI A4 B6 TIP (turbo inlet pip)
  48. For Sale: Stock B6 A4 Exhaust
  49. Wanted: Aftermarket exhaust for B6 1.8t 6speed
  50. Wanted: Yakima or Thule Roof rack for B6
  51. Wanted: H&R Springs for B7 quattro
  52. For Sale: Used Stock Dual Mass Flywheel for A4 1.8t (possibly others)
  53. Wanted: oem sport suspension for b6 or b7
  54. For Sale: 5 stock b7 wheels
  55. For Sale: airbag + steering wheel
  56. For Sale: b7 s4 grill
  57. For Sale: FS: B5 a4 stuff
  58. Wanted: WTB RS4
  59. For Sale: B5 S4 wheels, Stock Cams, OEM rs4 Inlets only 3
  60. Wanted: WTB: B7 A4 S-Line Titanium Front Plate Holder...
  61. FS: NEW Quaife LSD - QDF19R (A3/GTI 2.0T DSG)
  62. For Sale: B7 A4 black vinyl tint rear lights films
  63. For Sale: Recaro SRD seats PERFECT CONDITION
  64. For Sale: 2 conti sp2 tires 265/35/19
  65. For Sale: H&R Sport Springs for B6/7 A4 Quattro
  66. Feeler: 19" Staggered LM reps
  67. For Sale: Cheap Audi A4 15" Wheels w/ Tires
  68. Fs: Stock audi parts
  69. ~~stock parts for sale i got it all!
  70. For Sale: San Diego: Anyone interested in car audio?
  71. For Sale: FK blackout grille for b7 a4
  72. For Sale: Dell Axim Handheld
  73. For Sale: Hamann HM2's 18x8.5
  74. For Sale: b6/b7 neuspeed race/koni adjustable yellow shocks
  75. For Sale: B5 A4/S4 Kamei Mesh Grill, Black
  76. Any interest in my (19" RS6 style) S Line wheels? (CA only)
  77. For Sale: 2001 Audi TT Quattro Roadster (Convertible)
  78. For Sale: Stock hood/trunk silver
  79. For Sale: Ipod Nano 8GB (4th GEN, non video)
  80. For Sale: Feeler B5 S4 01 F/S possible- nice clean car..........
  81. For Sale: 19inch staggered wheels n tires
  82. Wanted: amber sidemarkers
  83. For Sale: Autographed Birdhouse complete skateboard with Limited Edition trucks $120
  84. For Sale: PRICE LOWERED for LOCAL PICK UP >> $620.00 VMR V710's Matte Black 19x8.5
  85. For Sale: Blackberry Curve
  86. WTB: Coilpack for '98 A4 1.8T
  87. Wanted: black mirror shells
  88. For Sale: Feeler: Anyone with B7 Sports Suspension that wants to upgrade to Coils
  89. For Sale: 02 audi a4 parts for sale
  90. Wanted: B6/B7 S4 Front calipers and/or rotors
  91. Wanted: B7 A4 rear valence
  92. For Sale: Lots of B7 Parts, wheels,bumper,grill etc..
  93. For Sale: ELF 5W40 oil
  94. Wanted: Four 235/40/18 tires
  95. For Sale: VMR 708's 19's (GM) For sale 600$$ with tires
  96. For Sale: ripped b7 s-line bumper
  97. For Sale: b7 A4 2.0T Custom Intake
  98. For Sale: Brand New SSAC 2.7T Catback $300
  99. For Sale: FS: 4 MAK Energy Wheels In Good Condition $100 Come and get them
  100. For Sale: Nikon D40 Kit
  101. For Sale: Saw BBS LM's on Craigslist if anyone's interested
  102. For Sale: ABT body kit
  103. For Sale: Two 235/45/17 Conti SP2 Tires - $85
  104. Feeler: My 2007 Ibis B7 A4
  105. For Sale: Wheels for sale
  106. For Sale: 2006 Audi A3 2.0T Brilliant Black
  107. For Sale: SOLD
  108. For Sale: 2001 1.8T b5 a4 with mods full part out
  109. For Sale: 2005.5 Audi A4 2.0T black/black
  110. Wanted: Need help with suspension
  111. For Sale: Stassis Motorsport Suspension
  112. Wanted: s-line satin black filler plate
  113. For Sale: Stasis SS coilovers b6/b7 $650
  114. Feeler: yokohama advan a048 225/40/18
  115. For Sale: APR 2.5" cat back exhaust for TT 225
  116. For Sale: 19" Enkei RPF1's in Las Vegas
  117. For Sale: HKS Turbo timer
  118. For Sale: RF P400-4, Fi 15" BTL (fully loaded), and 2 Stinger Batts
  119. For Sale: 18" Titanium Package Wheel.
  120. For Sale: EPSON All-in-One Printer CX 7400 $40 OrBestOffer
  121. For Sale: Pes G2 Supercharger Kit
  122. Feeler: Neuspeed Exhaust for B6 A4
  123. For Sale: (2) Status Racing ring seats in Carbon Fiber
  124. For Sale: B7 A4 Forge Atmospheric Blow Off Valve and ECS clear bumper markers!
  125. Wanted: audi 4 wheels
  126. For Sale: a couple parts for sale
  127. For Sale: Passenger side B7 A4 Xenon Headlamp
  128. For Sale: HP2 B5 S4 Front brakes
  129. For Sale: B6 Bixenon Ecodes (Housings Only)
  130. For Sale: abt replica kit
  131. For Sale: DTM, Grill, Filler, LED interior, RS4 engine cover
  132. For Sale: 19" forged 3 piece
  133. For Sale: Price drop oem rs4 19" wheels w/tires.
  134. For Sale: Brand New SSAC 2.7T Turboback Exhaust $500
  135. For Sale: 19" Work Meisters...
  136. For Sale: 1200 watt amp + 10" kicker sub $400
  137. For Sale: FS: Nikon D80 DSLR + Nikon 17-55mm F2.8 + Extras
  138. For Sale: Linea Corse L22's
  139. For Sale: Custom Audi System Set-up With System
  140. For Sale: Brand New B7 A4 TP
  141. Wanted: B5 S4 Stage 3 fueling
  142. For Sale: ATP 3" TP, Forge DV
  143. For Sale: 19" Hartmann B7 RS4 Reps
  144. Wanted: Looking for Black Mirror Caps
  145. Wanted: 2.0T B7 Under Carriage
  146. Wanted: i need a 3.2 b8 a4 valence
  147. For Sale: Dell Latitude D820 laptop
  148. For Sale: HRE 546R 19x9 ET25 FS/FT
  149. For Sale: 19" Bentleys
  150. Wanted: Simple stock items!
  151. For Sale: Iforged Neo MASSIVE PRICE DROP!
  152. Feeler: 19x9 5x112 iForged Swifts w/ Falken 452's
  153. Wanted: OEM B5 S4 Rims ...Willing to look at other wheels 17" & 18" also.
  154. For Sale: New Nikon D40 kit
  155. Feeler: Good deal for oem 17" split fives.
  156. Feeler: Parting out soon
  157. For Sale: Totaled sale: Staggered DTM Kreuz 10 Rims, Carbonio Intake and more ... PICS ADDED!
  158. For Sale: Custom Ibis Rieger BodyKit
  159. For Sale: lots of B7 parts
  160. Wanted: Give me your stock suspension
  161. For Sale: B5 K04 w/ pc-16 tune and red top injectors
  162. For Sale: Exhaust, coilovers, sway bars, and intake from a 2004 Audi S4
  163. For Sale: tt225 Injectors brand new
  164. Wanted: RS4 Font Grille Wanted
  165. Wanted: B6 Rear Rotor 255x12
  166. Wanted: B5 S4 Nogaro bumper
  167. For Sale: (5) OZ Superleggeras with like new pilot sports on 4
  168. For Sale: B6 Carbonio Intake
  169. For Sale: B6 Neuspeed Power Pulley Kit
  170. For Sale: LG 60" Plasma 60PS60 Like new with Receipt
  171. For Sale: stoptech ST-40 with 332mm rotors
  172. Buy my car!!!!!!!
  173. For Sale: For sale B6 S4 $17000!
  174. Wanted: WTB: B6 stock lower front valence
  175. For Sale: S-line suspension + rear sway bar
  176. For Sale: Blackout grille for sale!!!! and a non sline bumper.
  177. For Sale: KYB shocks (all 4) 1.8t sedan (non quattro)
  178. For Sale: Anyone Interested B6 stuff?
  179. For Sale: Do your booty a favor!!!
  180. For Sale: 19'' tsw volcano wheels
  181. For Sale: Black Filler Plate Non SLine.
  182. Trade: Reiger roof spoiler for different roof spoiler
  183. Wanted: Your stock wheels
  184. Wanted: Wanted: b6 s4 flywheel
  185. For Sale: Stock B5 stuff, kerscher sides, headlights cc'd, kamei grille, & sport suspension
  186. For Sale: B7 rear valance
  187. Trade: WTT:B7 S4 Filller Plate for License Plate Holder
  188. For Sale: abt rep
  189. For Sale: abt rep front
  190. For Sale: OEM 19" S5 Wheels and Pirelli Tires
  191. For Sale: 20/25MM H&R (DRA) Spacers off the S5
  192. For Sale: ..
  193. Wanted: Lowering Springs
  194. Wanted: S4 Door Blades
  195. Feeler: BBS RGR 19" Forged and lightweight with Dunlop tires + BBS stem caps
  196. For Sale: (JVC)KD-ADV38 stereo and 2-6.5 phoenix digital monitors
  197. For Sale: b6/b7 carbonio intake
  198. Trade: 19in Black ADR M Classics with tires for your 18in OEM B6 S4 Avus with tires
  199. Wanted: B6 Sport Suspension Springs preferably 2002
  200. For Sale: B6 S4 Silver Door Blades- 300obo
  201. For Sale: B6 S4 Door Sills- 100obo
  202. Wanted: WTB: K04 OR K03 turbo
  203. For Sale: FS: Stock non-sport suspension
  204. For Sale: b7 full brake kit for sale
  205. For Sale: B6 S4 Upper Grill - 80 obo
  206. For Sale: carbonio intake
  207. For Sale: 20" Vossen VVS-084 Black Machined with Tires & TPMS
  208. For Sale: Stock parts for sale
  209. For Sale: B6 S4 Bi-Xenon Valeo Headlights - 400 obo
  210. For Sale: 2003 A4 1.8TQ 5SPD MingBlue w/ Pearl, clean, 68k
  211. For Sale: Stock S-Line suspension for sale with rear swaybar
  212. For Sale: B5 A4 Avant Interior: Front/Rear Seats and Door Cards
  213. For Sale: 02 A4 1.8 avant sport suspension, stock non-USP front lower and rear bumper
  214. For Sale: Stuff from B7 S4
  215. Wanted: B6 A4 Sedan Rear Bumper Unpainted Lower
  216. For Sale: B6 S4 Recaro Seats - $2k
  217. Genuine Porsche Auto Detailing Kit
  218. Wanted: B6 Front Bumper (Top piece preffered)
  219. For Sale: b7 a4 full black leather interior
  220. FS: Seat Cupra R Lip Spoiler
  221. For Sale: Got Alot of stuff I want to sell Perhaps trade!?!?!!
  222. For Sale: Parting out B6 S4; full car part out
  223. For Sale: DG Rieger kit
  224. Wanted: B6/B7 NON-Sport Suspension
  225. For Sale: 15" Wheel+tire, Free AC Compressor
  226. For Sale: 46" Sony BRAVIA 1080p 240Hz Television
  227. Trade: 19" Bentleys
  228. Wanted: Authentic Oettinger B6/B7 roof spoiler
  229. For Sale: B6 S4 Sport Suspension
  230. For Sale: Almost new STaSIS StreetSport Coilovers
  231. For Sale: Audi A3 STASIS StreetSport Coilovers..only have 2700 miles on them
  232. For Sale: OEM B6 S4 rear sway bar
  233. For Sale: lots of B7 parts + stereo parts
  234. For Sale: EuroGear CF Hood - Price Drop!!
  235. For Sale: H&R TRAK+ 8mm spacers with bolts
  236. For Sale: B6 A4 instrument Cluster
  237. For Sale: PS3 and games
  238. For Sale: Holiday Bowl Game tickets Arizona vs. Nebraska
  239. For Sale: 19x8 tsw volcanos
  240. For Sale: 19X8 RS6 reps
  241. 2003-04 Audi RS6 Parts
  242. Wanted: DEVAL front splitter
  243. For Sale: 4 18" Avus Rims
  244. For Sale: Fs: Koni coilover set mkv platform..used for a week then removed
  245. For Sale: 8500 Passport Escort x50
  246. For Sale: Husky Powerwasher
  247. Wanted: DTH carbon fiber Roof spoiler
  248. Wanted: Eibach Sport Springs
  249. Trade: FT: 18"B7 A4 S-Line Rims
  250. Trade: HRE 19x9 ET29 546R's for stock RS4 19x9's