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  1. For Sale: B6 /B7 OEM all weather rubber mats $100
  2. For Sale: B6/B7 WEATHERTECH Mats Black $140
  3. Wanted: WANTED...AWE non resonated down pipes
  4. For Sale: A4 2012 Quattro manuel
  5. For Sale: Non Audi Content - My 1991 Mercedes 190e - Excellent Shape, Maintained. For Sale
  6. For Sale: 4xMichelin Pilot Alpin PA4, 255/35R19 (96V)(Used 1800KM only)
  7. For Sale: B8 A4 - IPod Adapter Cable
  8. For Sale: Fs: 2008 rs4
  9. For Sale: BFI Black Forest spacer kit, 5mm front pair, 10mm rear pair
  10. For Sale: Recaro's from a B7 RS4 in Nappa Black
  11. For Sale: AUDI RS4 REP WHEELS 215/50/17 5x112 - HANKOOK ICE BEAR 95% TREAD
  12. Wanted: AWE Tuning A4 Touring Edition Exhaust - Quad Tip
  13. For Sale: FS: 2007 Audi RS4 | Phantom Black on Black | 91,000kms | $33,995
  14. Wanted: B7 S4 Belly Pan and Transmission Cover
  15. For Sale: Oem B8/8.5 A4/S4 Trunk Cargo Net
  16. For Sale: Oem Audi centre caps
  17. For Sale: PRV 145 bar hpfpupgrade.com
  18. For Sale: For sale Quaife Front LSD will fit 01e 6speed transmission.
  19. For Sale: Audi AMI 8T0 035 785 MY09+ A4/A5/Q5 (B8/8K/8T/8R) models
  20. Wanted: B8 S4 grille or mesh style, B8 S-line steering wheel, avant OEM roof racks and more
  21. For Sale: 2013 Q5 3.0T Premium Plus S-Line Black 28,000km - $46,995
  22. For Sale: Mercedes OEM 15" wheels with NEW Barum Bavaria 2 Tires 195/60/15
  23. For Sale: B8 Audi A4 Floor mats - Rubber fronts
  24. For Sale: OEM Audi S4 / S5 Peelers 19" - New, spotless, not mounted
  25. For Sale: Two Bridgestone Potenza RE050A - 255/35/R18 - 2012 335i
  26. Wanted: AWE Track Exhaust with Downpipes. Audi s5 4.2
  27. For Sale: B5 S4 Sport seats
  28. For Sale: 2004 Subaru Forester 2.5XT AWD 5 Speed Manual
  29. For Sale: 235/45/R17 Winter Tire Package
  30. Wanted: AWE touring non-res DP B8S4
  31. For Sale: Audi Symphony II+
  32. For Sale: B&B Exhaust for 2008-2012 S5
  33. For Sale: B6/b7 fishscale trim pieces
  34. For Sale: FS Oem usp upper grill
  35. For Sale: FS audi symphony II head unit. Cheap
  36. For Sale: FS rare 18" koing rims and tires
  37. For Sale: FS: 19" Niche Targa HyperSilver Mags
  38. For Sale: 2001.5 Nogaro S4 Partout
  39. For Sale: Selling 2009 audi a5
  40. For Sale: H&R Springs PN 29368 B6/B7 4cyl
  41. For Sale: 2014 S4 Part Out...parts will fit B8.5 A4s also! Calgary!
  42. For Sale: 034 HFC w/ O2 spacer for B7 A4
  43. Wanted: Wtb: B7 cat back exhaust
  44. For Sale: B6 USP 18inch Rims + All Season Tires
  45. For Sale: Cleaning out the garage
  46. For Sale: 2013 Audi A4 S-Line lease takeover
  47. For Sale: B6 A4 Sport Front Shocks, Sport Front & Rear Sway Bar
  48. Wanted: B7 Audi A4 - SLine (preferred) - 6 Speed
  49. For Sale: For Sale: 2010 Audi A5 2.0t Premium Plus Quattro
  50. Wanted: Downpipe
  51. For Sale: Driver side engine cover from a A4 B6 3.0L
  52. For Sale: Brand New OEM Peelers (with or without tires, you choose)
  53. For Sale: Set of 4 18 Kumho 245/40ZR18 97W XL Winter tires
  54. For Sale: Part Out: parts for B6, B7, A4, S4, RS4
  55. For Sale: OEM Taillights ($60)
  56. For Sale: 2003 Audi S6 For Sale
  57. For Sale: 18" OEM Audi Ultrasport USP wheels (RS6 style) with almost Toyo Proxes 4 tires
  58. For Sale: Set of four 225/35 R19 Falken Azenis FK453 tires, barely used, 9/32nds tread
  59. Wanted: B7 Audi Sport rubber Floor Mats
  60. For Sale: Apr hpfp - $650
  61. For Sale: For Sale: H&R Sport Springs A4 Avant $125 OBO
  62. For Sale: B6/B7 A4 Glovebox
  63. For Sale: 19x8.5 Advanti Hybris Matte Black Rims
  64. For Sale: 2007 Audi RS4
  65. For Sale: Brand New Continental Sport Contact 3 255/35-19
  66. Wanted: Winter Rims + Tires, 17" setup.
  67. For Sale: Various Audi Parts
  68. For Sale: Winter steelies (FREE)
  69. For Sale: B7 034 Motorsports Catch Can
  70. For Sale: Garage clean out
  71. For Sale: B6 Eurogear carbon fiber boser hood
  72. For Sale: 16" Audi A4 OEM Wheels and Winter Tires (205/55/16)
  73. For Sale: Audi A4 B6 Winter Mats
  74. For Sale: 255/55/18 All Season Tires
  75. Wanted: 2001 B5 S4 Mbox ECU for 6spd
  76. For Sale: B8/B8.5 S4 AWE Turing edition exhaust with brand new resonated downpipes and Mufler
  77. Wanted: Stasis street sport coilovers b6/b7
  78. For Sale: Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2 Winter Tires with Audi RS4 Reps + Audi center caps Toronto
  79. For Sale: Have some winter wheels + steelies 5x100 15" Nokian Hakkapolita 4
  80. For Sale: FS: 205/60R16 Winter Tires mounter on steelies
  81. Wanted: Roof Racks for B8 S4
  82. For Sale: Audi Wheels
  83. For Sale: Audi A4 B6 glove box with original hinges
  84. For Sale: 2002-2005 Audi A4 B6 3.0 Seats
  85. Wanted: WTB: b7 s4 grill
  86. For Sale: 18" RS4 Wheels
  87. For Sale: B6 a4 oem valeo halogen headlights
  88. Wanted: Winter floor mats for a B8 Avant.
  89. Wanted: Wanted:Thule roof rack for B8 Avant
  90. For Sale: 2012 S5 Complete front bumper S5 grill, fog grills & fogs. Moonsoon Grey
  91. For Sale: weather tech mats. will fit A5-S5-RS5 front and back
  92. For Sale: winter tire package 8.5x19 et35 5x112
  93. For Sale: genuine audi rubber mats, cargo liner, and foam trunk tray for 2012 and up S6
  94. For Sale: 19 Inch Advanti Hybris black wheels
  95. For Sale: Thule Snowboard Carrier
  96. For Sale: Q7 Winter Wheels and Tires
  97. For Sale: Michelin winter tire package
  98. For Sale: Audi B7 winter tire package
  99. For Sale: VMR 810 Flow formed wheels - Gunmetal
  100. For Sale: BBS Centre Caps
  101. For Sale: 19x9.5 inch VMR V710 with Pirelli Pzero 255-35-19
  102. For Sale: B7 2.0T Timing Belt Cover. Upper/Lower
  103. For Sale: Lease Transfer: 2013 S4 manual 60,000km Lava Grey $757
  104. For Sale: B7 A4 2.0T 034Motorsport Catch Can
  105. For Sale: OEM B6-B7 Roof Rack A4
  106. For Sale: 18'' Audi Mags and Michelin X Ice 3 225/45/18 Winter package
  107. For Sale: B8 Audi A4 Winter Mats (Front & Rear)
  108. Wanted: Fog light connector
  109. For Sale: Mint 2005 Audi A4 UltraSport Quattro 1.8T 6-speed, 100,000km, AWD
  110. For Sale: Audi B8 trunk liner item 8T0 061 160
  111. For Sale: B6/B7 A4/S4 Audi Sport Rubber Mats
  112. For Sale: 245/40/18 Hankook i*cept evo on R8 Reps - $800 - One wheel w crack
  113. For Sale: WeatherTech Mats - A5/S5/RS5
  114. For Sale: GMG Springs - S5/RS5 **BRAND NEW**
  115. For Sale: ECS Spacers - 4 x 10mm with lugs
  116. For Sale: Audi A4 rims and winter tires, Hankook i*cept IZ 225/50/17
  117. Wanted: B7 A4 Rear Axle
  118. Wanted: HPFP
  119. Wanted: AWE exhaust or Statsis,CTS, etc... for B8.5 S4
  120. For Sale: Winter Wheels and Tires
  121. For Sale: Spark Plugs....NGK BKR7E brand new set of 4
  122. For Sale: Snow Tires - VW/Audi 215/50R17
  123. Wanted: Wanted - 2013 Audi A4 B8 S-Line Suspention
  124. For Sale: B6 15 in. Audi OEM rims with Winter Tires + Summer Pirelli
  125. For Sale: Mann oil filter...06D115562
  126. For Sale: Brand new Mobil 1 5W-30 engine oil
  127. For Sale: For sale: Toyo Proxes T1 Sport
  128. For Sale: 2010-2015 S4 Winter Mats - $65
  129. For Sale: 2001 S4 Stage 3+
  130. For Sale: OEM H8 foglight bulbs for 2013+ Audi A4 $50
  131. For Sale: RS4 Replica Wheels 18"
  132. For Sale: OEM Audi 8V S3 Grille
  133. For Sale: 16" winter steelies
  134. For Sale: Audi A4 B6 2004 1.8T Quattro
  135. Feeler: B6/B7 S4 rear brake calipers and carriers in good condition.
  136. For Sale: Audi B8 A4 summer mats (front and rear) black.
  137. For Sale: Audi rims with winter tires and totes.
  138. Wheels for sale
  139. For Sale: Symphony 2+ PART #: 8E0 035 195 AC BVX
  140. For Sale: 2012 Audi S4 - Prestige Trim 6spd w/ E-diff
  141. For Sale: 2010 audi a4 Quattro 6spd (bagged, oem+, rare wheels)
  142. For Sale: Audi A4, S4 OEM RS4 pedals PLUS dead pedal, Manual
  143. For Sale: Audi A4, S4 pedal caps, OEM RS4, automatic, B6, B7, NEW!
  144. Wanted: 2010-2012 q5
  145. For Sale: 18" OEM Audi USP Ultrasport Wheels, RS4 style, A4, S4
  146. Wanted: stock B7 A4 2.0t exhaust?
  147. Wanted: Wanted: Used B7 Sline or S4 Grille, can be cracked or damaged...
  148. Wanted: Need front License plate bracket B8.5 (2015)
  149. For Sale: B7 A4/S4/RS4 OEM AFS Headlights Fly's LED installed Complete Set
  150. For Sale: Akebono Front Euro Ceramic Brake Pads (brand new). For Audi B8 B8.5 models: $100
  151. Wanted: B7 Audi RS4 Aftermarket Exhaust & Headers
  152. Wanted: Wanted: RS4 pedals B8 Auto...
  153. For Sale: S4 B6/B7 Powder coated 345mm front brake kit
  154. For Sale: Custom heat exchanger S4/S5 with APR reservoir
  155. Wanted: B7 Audi RS4 Hood, Exhaust, and Downpipes
  156. For Sale: Audi OEM S4 Rubber Mats or S4 / S5 Weather techs.
  157. Wanted: Looking for A4 Avant s-line
  158. For Sale: SPC B8 Audi Adjustable Upper Control Arms
  159. For Sale: S4 B8 Black alcantara interior
  160. For Sale: S4 B8 Brushed Aluminium Trim kit
  161. For Sale: S4 B8 Steering Wheel w/airbag
  162. For Sale: S4 B8 Door Sills
  163. For Sale: Goodyear Ultra grip Ice WRT 17" 5 X112 (235/55/17) ..off a B7 $695
  164. For Sale: Audi S4/S5 custome heat exchanger
  165. For Sale: Audi OEM speedlines 19x8.5 ET 43
  166. For Sale: Audi S4/S5 CTS intake tube and filter
  167. For Sale: A4 B7 Sline Wheels Powder Coated Gunmetal
  168. For Sale: Whispbar Audi B8 roof rack..very good condition..2 keys.
  169. For Sale: Audi A5/S5/RS5 WeatherTech FloorLiner (Front & Rear & Trunk) & 18" Replica Peelers
  170. Trade: Trade: B8 S4 Eurocode Intake for Roc-Euro Intake
  171. For Sale: 2006 Audi A8L
  172. For Sale: DRA Series Wheel Spacers - 25mm (1 Pair)
  173. For Sale: ECS Wheel Spacer & Bolt Kit - 20mm With Ball Seat Bolts
  174. For Sale: Genuine Audi A5 Winter Mats
  175. For Sale: Audi s4 2011 cheap cheap
  176. Wanted: S4 or USP DOOR BLADES
  177. For Sale: FOR SALE: Auto dimming rear view mirror with compass
  178. For Sale: Viseeo Tune2Air WMA1000 (New Never Used)
  179. For Sale: DSG fluid and Filter for sale G 052 529 A2
  180. For Sale: 2008 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro Sedan 6MT, S-Line trim, Sprt Suspn, black on black LOW KM
  181. For Sale: Audi MMI Cable - 30Pin Apple
  182. Wanted: Boost gauge
  183. Feeler: Feeler B8 S4 part out
  184. Wanted: Throttle body
  185. For Sale: CTS TURBO Catback exhaust for B8/B8.5 S4 like new
  186. For Sale: Garage sale A4/S4 B6/B7
  187. For Sale: 19 Inch HRE FF01 Flow form wheels with PS2 255-35-19
  188. For Sale: FORSALE -- Audi B6A4 Euro Trunk
  189. For Sale: Audi B8S4 Zimmermann Rotor's - Front
  190. Wanted: WTB: C5 A6 4.2 lowering springs
  191. Wanted: B7 a4 stock catalytic converter
  192. For Sale: BNEW Silver iPad Mini 3 128GB WiFi LTE (Sealed)
  193. Wanted: B8 S4 Exhaust (AWE Touring or Milltek Resonated)
  194. Wanted: Wtb: C6 a6 3.2q lowering springs
  195. For Sale: 5X112 alloy rims 17"...very good condition. Et 42 CB 57.1
  196. For Sale: Brembo 17z 6Piston Calipers
  197. Wanted: Looking for NGK Platinum 1675KT spark plugs and RED coil packs, preferably HUCO
  198. Wanted: B7 A4 Sedan H&R Springs
  199. For Sale: Used OEM Audi B7 A4 Clutch and Fly Wheel
  200. Wanted: Looking for B7 Coilovers
  201. For Sale: FS/FT: Avant Guard M550 19x9.5 rims silver
  202. Wanted: 255/35/19 tires
  203. Wanted: OEM Sport / Ultrasport springs for B6 Avant 1.8TQ 6-speed
  204. For Sale: Roc euro intake for 2010-2016 audi s4 Located in Saskatchewan
  205. For Sale: AWE Track edition exhaust silver tips
  206. Wanted: WTB: B6/B7 S4 Door Blades
  207. For Sale: 2012 Audi A4 Avant Wagon S-Line 2.0T
  208. For Sale: Bilstein PSS10 coilover system for B8/B8.5 S4
  209. For Sale: AUDI A4 B7 - All Weather Rubber Floor Mat Set - Black
  210. Wanted: Too much?
  211. For Sale: VW/Audi 1.8T - Magnetic Drain/Fill Plug - Manual Transmission - NEW
  212. For Sale: Rnse - 2gb sd cards for sale
  213. Wanted: Looking for 20 inch wheels
  214. For Sale: Avant Garde m550 18x9.5 +40 michelin pilot super sport 255 35 19
  215. For Sale: Winter wheel and tire package 18x8 sparco assetto gara blizzack s4 A4 vw
  216. For Sale: Weathertech floor liners b8 A4 s4 2010 to current
  217. For Sale: RS4 style pedals 6MT - B8 S4
  218. Wanted: Q5 Weathertechs driver & passenger floor liner, cargo liner
  219. For Sale: Omega Aqua Terra AT 8500 41.5mm
  220. Wanted: Rear coilover perches - B7 or B6
  221. Wanted: 2013 Audi A4 B8.5 aftermarket stuff
  222. Wanted: Looking for someone with Vagcom cable to help me code my tail-lights!
  223. For Sale: 2015 SQ5 - Sepang Blue, AudiCare, Progressiv with Carbon Atlas trim, Navigation, BBS
  224. For Sale: Bunch of radom Audi Headlights for sale.
  225. Wanted: 255-35-19
  226. For Sale: MMI control head
  227. Wanted: WTB: B6 Tow Hook Cover
  228. For Sale: FS/FT 2000 B5 S4 Front Bumper
  229. For Sale: 2016 SimplyTire Wheel Price - Forgestar/Vorsteiner/Vossen/MRR/AG/Stance/Hartmann/VMR
  230. For Sale: AUDI OEM 01-06 TT Quattro Headlight 8N0941003 BK, Left, Xenon
  231. For Sale: JC sportline b8.5 s4 grill satin silver frame
  232. Feeler: 2007 A4 B7 2.0T Quattro Tip Part out/Sale
  233. Wanted: Wanted: Weathertech digital mats for a B8 A4
  234. Wanted: B8 Mesh Front grill and Doorblades
  235. Wanted: WTB: A7 shift knob.
  236. Wanted: WTB Real Ross Tech cable
  237. For Sale: FS: Audi B7 Rubber Sport Floor Mats
  238. For Sale: 2012-2016 Audi A6 OEM winter mats
  239. For Sale: Threadstone TR18T core with end tanks BNIB
  240. For Sale: Brand new D3 A8L Audi Monster mats - rear only
  241. For Sale: H&R DRA 20&25MM spacers
  242. For Sale: 4x265-35-20 Dunlop winter tires
  243. For Sale: Selling 19" Rotiform reps with tires
  244. For Sale: Selling A4 B8 Front door lock/latch actuator - passenger side
  245. For Sale: Vossen CV1 20x9 ET32
  246. For Sale: 2013 Audi RS5 - Suzuka Grey/Navigation/B&O/Black Optics/WARRANTY
  247. For Sale: B8 S4 Weathertech digital fit floorliners
  248. For Sale: Fuel filter for B8 (new)
  249. For Sale: 2001 Audi A6 2.7
  250. Wanted: 19x9 OEM titanium 5-rotor ET33