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  1. Wanted: stock rear diff mount
  2. For Sale: 4 OEM Springs for B6 / B7 - $20
  3. For Sale: Front and Rear OEM struts / shocks for B6 / B7 A4 Audi
  4. For Sale: Complete set of A3 Votex parts - sides, front/rear splitter - Best Offer takes 'em!
  5. For Sale: B8 A4 2.0T sedan S line rear lower valence
  6. For Sale: Last Set of One Piece Chrome Housing Depo Ecodes. Someone buy them!!1 $185 picked up!
  7. For Sale: DPE ST-7 Staggered Step Lip Matte Brushed Aluminum 19x9 19x10 - $2,000
  8. For Sale: 1998 A4 2.8quattro V6
  9. Wanted: WTB: b5 s4 front bumper with grills and hood
  10. For Sale: R8 Wheels
  11. For Sale: Audi A4 Avant B6 Crossbars/Roof Rack and Bike Attachment: Best Offer!
  12. For Sale: Kerscher Front Bumper, Sideskirts and Cupra R Front Lip
  13. For Sale: ATP Manifold - used less than 10k **** $150
  14. For Sale: Custom Carbon Fiber Splitter, one of a kind **- $100
  15. Wanted: Stock lug bolts
  16. For Sale: FS: Bride Low Max Seat
  17. For Sale: 01 Black leather S4 front and rear seats/01 Steering wheel with airbag/01 Xenon
  18. For Sale: North America B5 Sedan Euro Trunk
  19. For Sale: ATP 3" Test Pipe ** $90 shipped, 75 picked up local
  20. For Sale: DTH FRP Side Skirts
  21. For Sale: 19" RS4 Style Wheels and 245/35/19 Tires
  22. For Sale: BRAND NEW S6 LEDs - day time running lights
  23. Wanted: B6 Light Silver Door Blades (stock)
  24. For Sale: 2000 LAZER RED B5 S4! CLEAN!
  25. For Sale: 2011 A3 Sports Package Springs and Struts
  26. For Sale: 2011 A3 Ti Package 18" Gunmetal Rims
  27. Anyone have a passenger side caliper hardline I can buy?
  28. Wanted: B5 S4 exhaust
  29. Cam Lock Bar
  30. Wanted: stock B5 S4 airbox lid
  31. For Sale: A5/S5 style Headlights for B6 A4
  32. Wanted: Stock 2.7t ecu. ME 7.1 any box
  33. For Sale: Samco Hose Kit And APR Bi pipe + Baily DV
  34. For Sale: H&R 10mm DR Trak+ Spacers
  35. For Sale: FS Work Equip wheels 19inch excellent condition, located in San Francisco
  37. For Sale: B6 2003 A4 1.8TFA with Sport Package
  38. For Sale: B5 S4 Neuspeed Exhaust and Miltek 2.5" DP
  39. Feeler: Alcantra Seats
  40. For Sale: B6 S4 APR downpipes and AWE non-res exhaust for 6mt
  41. For Sale: ARD/VAST Bi-Pipes 2" for 2.7T
  42. For Sale: SAMCO 2.7T Silicone Hose Kit (almost complete)
  43. For Sale: B6 ultrasport lower lip 200 o.b.o.
  44. For Sale: BBS LM Reps 5x112 19x8.5 +35 Offset $400obo
  45. For Sale: FS: 2004 Imola S4 Avant 6mt...SHORTBUS!
  46. For Sale: 8mm H&R Spacers
  47. For Sale: (5) 18X8 OZ Superleggeras
  48. For Sale: Diablo Wishbone chrome 18" rims for B6 S4 & most others 5x112
  49. URGENT: need b6 oil pan ASAP
  50. For Sale: 17" RS4 Style Wheels + Tires
  51. For Sale: Brand new forge spacer for 2.0t applications
  52. For Sale: CA: 034 Store Credit
  53. For Sale: New Hotchkis front swaybar
  54. Anyone looking for winter wheels?
  55. For Sale: B5 S4 front bumper
  56. Wanted: WTB OEM B6 1.8T Catalytic Converter
  57. For Sale: 19" Work Rezax Wheels Gunmetal w/ polished lip
  58. For Sale: 2002 Audi A4 1.8T QUATTRO TURBO Kerscher Kit
  59. Wanted: Stock B5 front Strut caps
  60. Wanted: B6 A4 Driver Side Fog Lamp
  61. For Sale: Godfather's pimp 20" 3pc. iForged Essen w/ custom finish!
  63. For Sale: B5 S4 piggy pipes
  64. For Sale: OEM Lugs / 8mm Eibach Spacers / 6-disc CD Player / Alcantara Shift Boot
  65. For Sale: 19" Bremmer Kraft BR05 Silver 900 pick up
  66. For Sale: 2.7t Miltek Catback Exhaust and 98 Audi A4 Stock Headlights
  67. Feeler: 2005 B6A4 3.0 USP Quattro TIP
  68. For Sale: Set of 4 19x8.5 Zender VWA Tuner Wheels
  69. For Sale: H&R 20mm 5/100 - 5/112 Adapters
  70. For Sale: 2004 Imola S4 6mt
  71. For Sale: FS: B7 Quattro H&R Springs and Bilstein Shocks - Slightly USED $500
  72. For Sale: A4 B7 2.0t Testpipe - $40
  73. For Sale: 2012 Rome and DC Snow Products
  74. For Sale: 5mm H&R wheel spacers
  75. For Sale: a few A4 sport parts
  76. For Sale: 19x10 Rotiform MIA - Gloss Black
  77. For Sale: 19x8.5 Rotiform BLQ - Gloss White
  78. For Sale: H&R Race Springs - B5 A4
  79. For Sale: 2.7 Samco Sport Hoses and C6 Floor Mats
  80. For Sale: FREE Bilstein Shocks - Trash Evening of 8/17
  81. For Sale: Selling My Allroad
  82. Shipping out to Boston - need a roof rack
  83. For Sale: CPP B5 A4 or S4 Adjustable Rear Spherical Swaybar Endlinks
  84. For Sale: 18Z Porsche Cayenne Calipers with pads (Silver)
  85. For Sale: audi a4 parts
  86. For Sale: 2004 audi a4 part out
  87. For Sale: Snapon Battery Charger Professional Shop EEBC500 Flash reprogramming
  88. For Sale: FREE S-line valance for A3 60-08.5
  89. Wanted: S line bumper
  90. For Sale: 1993 Audi S4 20vt. 2750 OBO
  91. For Sale: 2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg (TB snapped)
  92. For Sale: B6/B7 S4 Stasis Parts for your STOCK Parts + $$$ (Ohlins, Champion, Alcons)
  93. Wanted: H&R spring for A6 C5 Quattro!
  94. Wanted: APR chip M, H, or T Box
  95. FS: Work Equip wheels 19inch 8.5 excellent condition, located San Francisco
  96. For Sale: Two Hankook K106 Summer Tires w 7,000 miles
  97. For Sale: 2006 B7 Non S-Line front bumper
  98. WTB complete head AWM
  99. For Sale: JHM Shift Knob - 6 speed
  100. Wanted: Shot in the dark- items wanted
  101. For Sale: Driver Side Tail Light B6 Sedan-OEM Hella
  102. For Sale: (1) Falken 452 - 235/35/19_ $100 obo
  103. For Sale: tein s-tech springs
  104. For Sale: 19" Maya stm
  105. For Sale: Thule Roof Rack and Bike Carriers for Audi B5 - OFFER?
  106. For Sale: Used 235/40/18 tires... CHEAP!
  107. For Sale: FS: 2000 AUDI A8 V8 4.2L on AIR SUSPENSION ROTIFORM
  108. Wanted: 10mm Hubcentric spacers
  109. For Sale: 2002 audi a4 for sale.
  110. For Sale: 2004 Audi S4 Imola 6 MT
  111. Trade: B6 Custom Magnaflow exhaust setup for stock 1.8t B6
  112. For Sale: B5 S4 front brakes
  113. For Sale: rear seats
  114. Wanted: Longgggg shot: Anyone have a hiflo cat for a B7 they want to sell?
  115. For Sale: B6 Piano black trim pieces $220 obo
  116. For Sale: 02 A4 OEM Sport Suspension $170 obo
  117. Free 2005.5 OEM Sport Suspension
  118. Feeler: 18" BBS CH Real not replicas
  119. Anyone have a cracked B6/B7 foglamp (either side) that I could borrow?
  120. For Sale: 2000 A4 sport wheels
  121. For Sale: 06-08 A4 front bumper
  122. For Sale: 6 A4 19" rims
  123. For Sale: Anyone need a AWM core to build a head for a 1.8t?
  124. Feeler: B5 S4 3" Downpipes and single 4" exhaust
  125. For Sale: B7 Non S - Front bumper, grille, filler plate and plate with license holder
  126. For Sale: Feeler
  127. For Sale: Brand New B8 S4 front plate delete platinum grey
  128. For Sale: H&R Sport Springs for B6/B7
  129. For Sale: Original Ross-Tech HEX-USB
  130. For Sale: B5 S4 A-Box and M-Box ECUs (Both are Stock)
  131. For Sale: 2000 audi s4 APR Stage 2 trade for stock ecu +$250
  132. For Sale: 034Motorsports Track Density Motor Mounts B6/7 V8
  133. Wanted: WTB: Springs for B6 S4
  134. For Sale: 2001.5 Audi S4 - GT28R turbos, Built 2.8L motor w/5000 miles, everything...
  135. For Sale: H&R Rear Sway for B6 S4
  136. For Sale: Stratmosphere Hyperflow for V8 S4
  137. Wanted: Stock 1.8t or 2.0t exhaust
  138. For Sale: Alzor A3/RS3 Ti Package Replica Wheels
  139. For Sale: Yakima Bars, Q Towers, Big Powderhound - Everything you NEED!
  140. For Sale: B7 Stainless steel 2.5" test pipe. $80
  141. For Sale: 215/40/18 225/40/18 Hankook Evo v12
  142. For Sale: Set of Four Linea Corse Lemans wheels 18x8.5 500 obo
  143. For Sale: Audi s4 A-Box APR Stage 2+ ecu and stage 3 asp chip
  144. Feeler: B5 S4 Avus Wheels + Tires
  145. For Sale: oem ko3 oem cat
  146. For Sale: b5 s4 manual stock downpipes
  147. For Sale: UUC VM1 exhaust Fits B5 S4
  148. Feeler: off topic.. but, SAIGA rifles are on sale
  149. For Sale: For sale audi a4 b5 parts parting out
  150. For Sale: ASP Stage 3 Fuel Kit
  151. For Sale: B7 RS4 Milltek Unresonated Exhaust Oval Tips
  152. For Sale: Coil Packs
  153. Does anyone have a stock 2.8 head and stock 2.7t pistons?
  154. Wanted: Loaner wheels
  155. Wanted: Coilover Spanner Wrenches
  156. For Sale: Complete audi s4 interior minus front door cards
  157. Wanted: Wanted 2.8 heads
  158. For Sale: 19x9 HRE 540R Wheels
  159. For Sale: 3 Nankang 215/35/19
  160. For Sale: Pair of 245/35/19 Toyo Proxes
  161. For Sale: Pair of 245/35/19 General Exclaim
  162. Wanted: and for sale
  163. For Sale: Audi s4 APR Catback with test pipes 400
  164. For Sale: 18" B6 S4 Avus Rims
  165. For Sale: 19x9 IForged Rims
  166. Wanted: B5 Hood and/or Drivers Side Fender
  167. Wanted: Wheels 19" or 18"
  168. For Sale: B5 S4 Custom 4" Exhaust
  169. For Sale: FS 2002 Audi A4 1.8T quattro!!! SUPER CLEAN A4!!!!
  170. For Sale: Forge Splitter Valve
  171. For Sale: JHM Weighter Black Derlin Shifted with Knurl
  172. For Sale: Complete DJ setup! Lights, speakers and amp! Vinyl setup
  173. For Sale: 17 S4 wheels!
  174. For Sale: Random s4 2.7 parts. Intercooler, mud flaps, bipipes, etc
  175. For Sale: Motorcycle gear, cortech leather jacket and gloves, alpine star gloves, etc
  176. For Sale: Disney's Cars lot (unopened)
  177. For Sale: Collectibles hotwheels, transformers, gijoe, halo, He-man, 1:18
  178. For Sale: audi rs4 clutch and pressure plate used for 3000 miles $300
  179. For Sale: B7 Halogen Headlights - PAIR - Like NEW w/ Sylvalia Silverstar bulbs
  180. Wanted: WTB: Driver's Side Aluminum Uprights/Knuckles for 2000 S4
  181. For Sale: b7 a4 wheels with tire pressure monitor sensors
  182. For Sale: Stock Parts off of my 2008 Audi A4 2.0T MT Quattro
  183. Wanted: 1 B5 S4 wheel
  184. For Sale: Yakima base roof rack for B5 C5 D2 Audi Models *SF Bay Area*
  185. For Sale: A.W.E Drive Train Stabilizer
  186. H Sport RS4 front bar and OEM RS4 rear bar for sale
  187. For Sale: 19x8.5 VMR 710 Matte black wheels
  188. For Sale: Rotiform BLQ 19x8.5 - gloss white
  189. For Sale: 034Motorsport 3" Downpipes and 4" Custom Exhaust - B5 S4 - $1100
  190. For Sale: ER Intercoolers, ARD Bi-Pipes, 034 TB Boot, New EGT Sensors, AWE DTS bar
  191. For Sale: Misc B5 Parts: Wheels, Exhaust, Clutch, Projectors, Fogs, Boost Gauge
  192. Wanted: WTB: Tuned ECU for 01' A4 AWM Quattro Manual GT2860RS Eliminator set up
  193. For Sale: 2 audi s4 k03 turbos no shaft play $80
  194. Feeler: Gauging Interest: 18X8.5 Work Emotion CR KAIs (rare 5X112)
  195. Wanted: WTB: B6 S4 Avus wheels
  196. For Sale: 20" Voxx Miranos
  197. Wanted: Hood latch
  198. For Sale: H&R Sport Springs from a 2000 Audi A6 Avant 2.8 $200
  199. For Sale: Symphony II Stereo
  200. For Sale: 2011 pk ripper bike
  201. For Sale: Free(Or maybe a 6 pack of beer)... B7 A4 Non S-Line Bumper
  202. For Sale: Four (4) 18" Oettinger Re's $300 if sold by November 21, 2011
  203. For Sale: OEM Sport Springs 02 A4 3.0 $50 obo
  204. Wanted: WTB: B5 S4 Piggie Pipes or stock 6spd downpipes
  205. For Sale: 2000 Audi S4 Manual Silver/Black ~129.5k miles - 6k obo and VERY negotiable
  206. For Sale: 2 2.7 motors, stock exhaust, A box ecu
  207. For Sale: Still have cactus S4 body parts to get rid of
  208. For Sale: HRE 441R 19x8.5
  209. For Sale: audi s4b5 black interior front and rear $300
  210. 2006 Audi A3 2.0T with S3 (exterior)conversion in great condition
  211. Anyone want to buy my AWE Track exhaust?
  212. For Sale: 225/35/18, 225/40/18, 255/35/18
  213. For Sale: WINTER TIRES WITH WHEELS - 225/45/17 (8/32nds left on tires) - $450
  214. For Sale: B5 Vent Boost Gauge
  215. For Sale: JHM B5 S4 Stage 3 Tune w/Injectors (M-Box)
  216. totaled silver s4. anyone wanna buy entire car? drivetrain + interior is untouched
  217. For Sale: 2000 Nogaro B5 S4 MT
  218. For Sale: 18" Enkei EKM3 in Gunmetal with Tires
  219. Trade: Want to trade b5 a4/s4 angel eyes head lights with 6000k HID slim ballast kit
  220. For Sale: 99 Audi A4 Avant 2.8 awd auto - $1800
  221. For Sale: KONI Yellow Shocks for B6/B7 A4/S4 $250
  222. For Sale: FS - Stock catalytic and intake box. 06 2.0T A4.
  223. For Sale: 2 dyno pulls at TPS motorsports groupon cert NO AWD cars
  224. For Sale: Im partking out my car. B5 A4 1.8T
  225. For Sale: B5 S4 JHM Stage 3 Fueling kit
  226. For Sale: 4GB XBOX 360 w/ extras
  227. For Sale: 21" Q7 titanium wheels with tires
  228. Wanted: B5 S4 aftermarket exhaust
  229. For Sale: Audi b5 parts a4
  230. For Sale: Eibach Pro-Kit Springs B6 1.8T Quattro or B7 2.0T Quattro
  231. For Sale: CPP Adjustable Control Arms $300
  232. For Sale: 1.8t giac chipped ecu / test pipe / b7 a4 wheels
  233. For Sale: B5 A4/S4 ST Coilovers
  234. For Sale Feeler: 2010 Ibis B8 S4
  235. Wanted: Audi A4 1.8t B6 ignition coils OR BORROW
  236. someone sell me a clean b5 s4 please
  237. For Sale: B5 S4 Onyx B, C Pillars Door Surround
  238. For Sale: Greddy Profec B Electronic Boost Controller
  239. For Sale: EPL B5 S4 85mm MAF Housing
  240. For Sale: RNS-E for B6/B7 (can make it fit B5)
  241. 1998 a4 1.8t fwd
  242. For Sale: Status Racing Ring Seats (2)
  243. For Sale: JHM Weighted Shift Knob
  244. For Sale: Tial 605 kit with Inlets and all harware BRAND NEW!
  245. For Sale: S4 Ssac downpipes
  246. For Sale: $800 obo - B8 A4 stock 10 spoke rims + mounted tires, 245/45/17
  247. For Sale: selling my 1991 vw jetta gli 16v
  248. Wanted: WTB: 1 BBS CH 19x8.5 Wheel
  249. Wanted: Extended Lug Bolts
  250. For Sale: LCD panel display in cluster for B5 A4 S4 C5 A6 allroad