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  1. Thursday Night Meets @ Starbucks in Edgewater, NJ
  2. Need any mechanical/suspension/wiring stuff done for CHEAP?
  3. FS: Barely Used BT Mic.
  4. G2G Ever Thursday LongIsland NY.
  5. Window tint
  6. Window Tinting in North NJ?
  7. Rutgers Grease Trucks, Wednesday Nights 9pm
  8. Westchester Meet..
  9. Calling all C5 A6/S6/RS6/Allroad owners in NYC.
  10. square one mall g2g
  11. Chatterbox Tuesdays GTG- North NJ @ 7:00 PM
  12. Paging xraycer2012 and anyone else interested: Berlin Tpke tomorrow night...
  13. anyone use KMD Tuning in NJ?
  14. Shelton, CT meet. Tues nights
  15. People In NJ please keep your eyes open for this stolen bike
  16. berlin turnpike tonight
  17. Swap your B7 A4 for my B6 S4 Cab? (NY/CT/MA)
  18. First nj inspection
  19. Tuesdays Wendy's on 17. -NJ-
  20. Washing and Detailing.
  21. Long Island Meet at Bestbuy tonight!
  22. 8/17 Piscataway NJ Meet
  23. Massapequa Diner Meet Every Monday. Update for 8/18.
  24. GPNY Show
  25. Royal Flush Cruise for Cancer- Bear Mountain Route!
  26. 8/24 Piscataway NJ Meet
  27. NJ Audi Club - 1st event at NJ Motorsports Park - Driving School
  28. Paint Shop in Northern NJ
  29. any independent Audi mechanics in the South NJ area?
  30. Audi Driving Experience @ Pocono Raceway!!!!
  31. Best dealership to order OEM parts, N NJ area
  32. Paging an AZ member in the North Jersey area that can do the cc and joey mods...
  33. Need my fenders rolled
  34. Anyone in CT with a VAG COM that can help me out with a quick reset?
  35. bodyshop in NYC, Queens and Brooklyn area??
  36. German Performance Shop
  37. Looking for a Moro B6 S4 parked at Seaside Tavern in Stamford, CT on 8/22/08
  38. Long island NY sept 5th GTG
  39. Dubs on the Boards 2008 [Wildwood, NJ]
  40. [NJ] List of Performance Shops
  41. Exhaust shop in upstate NY
  42. Attn Upstate NY - Rochester area - Buffaly/Syracuse
  43. powdercoaters in the area of NJ NY CT
  44. B6 S4 bumper and Avus rims in CT
  45. An animal ate my car!
  46. I am available to help wrench in the Tri-State....
  47. Who can change a clutch for a B5 S4 in bergen county?
  48. I guess CT has seceded from New England?
  49. Snow Tires in NYC.
  50. Where to get oil changed in Nassau County, Long Island? Audi charging $80...
  51. Good driving roads
  52. Muffler Shop
  53. Lower Westchester Meat
  54. Central Jersey Shore Cruise-9/21
  55. Saw this today.
  56. Bumper paint and install in N NJ. Other paint question also
  57. Good shops for timing belt job in nassau county, LI??
  58. Make the trip.....
  59. VAG/CC/Blackout Housing?
  60. WTB: Alcantara interrior
  61. Bear Mtn. GTG?
  62. Where can i get vag-com mods for a5 done in lower westchester?
  63. CT people!!!
  64. H2O Capemay/Lewes Cruise UPDATE!!!
  65. Anyone recognize this Silver A4 from jersey?
  66. Albany Area Audi Dealership
  67. UTI - Exton
  68. Moving back to NJ
  69. new g2g; newburgh poughkeepsie ny
  70. audi a4 help!
  71. this weekend in NJ, come check out the 09 A4, etc.!
  72. Hartford GTG 9/17
  73. Paintless Dent Repair in CT??
  74. WTB: Enkei RPF1 18X8
  75. Dealer recommendations near Hoboken NJ?
  76. Need head work done, any good shops?
  77. Accident on Route 95 in CT (Blackout B5)
  78. Detailing. New Prices.
  79. If anyone interested in an old school E30 BMW, nicely modded...
  80. anybody looking for a part time job?
  81. Is Life Quality Audi MOD-friendly?
  82. central jersey people goin to h20
  83. 9/21 Piscataway, NJ Meet @ 6pm
  84. Anyone interested in Nitrous Oxide?
  85. Upstate NYers/ Langan Audi East
  86. audi meet this weekend in north jerz
  87. I Need A Reference
  88. Need something to do on Sunday 9/21?
  89. Pictures from Bear Mtn GTG/Cruise 9/21
  90. anyone wanna meet up this weekend? toms river NJ
  91. Has anyone in NY had issues with front lic plate delete?
  92. h20 early friday
  93. Induktion Motorsports Presents: H2O 2008 Specials! GIAC / AWE / STACK / EVO / More!!
  94. Dubs In The Trees 3
  95. need exhaust shop reference - north jersey
  96. WTB: Carbon fiber hood for a B5 S4
  97. Imola b6 S4 in Danbury?
  98. HELP. Question regarding the NJ turnpike
  99. any ny stock/minor mod motor b6s with testpipes
  100. Breathalyzer
  101. WTB: Affordable stock 17" rims and tires
  102. Official Tri - State Run NY__NJ__PA NOV 9th
  103. RS4 clutch and pressure plate for sale, and AWE stage 3 ecu
  104. where to find place doing awd allignments?????
  105. Need VAG-Com
  106. Stock 15" Wheels.
  107. b5 a4 1.8t drivers please read!
  108. Link to my Dagball Pics
  109. Fabricators (for Intercooler Piping) Near Philly?
  110. ** UPDATED** Royal Flush Rallies - Charity Poker Run November 9th, 2008
  111. Need shop recommendation near Harwinton, CT
  112. VAG-COM in Brooklyn
  113. Grand Prix NY October 26th
  114. What's up with the Danbury scene?
  115. need a dyno...
  116. Shop Recommendation Syracuse or nearby
  117. Fall VW & Audi Show & Go 10/19/08
  118. WTT: Already fitted ebay FMIC and stock bumper for stock bumper plus cash
  119. Hoboken Roll call
  120. GTG In North Jersey
  121. Member Sightings
  122. CT need help with trubo and clutch
  123. Looking for someone
  124. Custom exhaust shop in NNJ? (Morristown Area)
  125. Audizine Member spotted in Fairport, NY
  126. Show N go Dragging question
  127. theshop in ct
  128. CDQ GTG Oct.26th -Rowan- S.Jersey
  129. FS: Labree 12" long 2.5" outlet resonator
  130. Anyone with a flat bed?
  131. **Cruise to Show n go**
  132. AWE stage 3 fueling for B5 S4 for sale
  133. It's Official- Danbury Meet Nov. 7th (borderline)
  134. Black Forest Run, SUN, NOV 2
  135. Nov2 Formula 1 Brazil - Interested????
  136. peugeot 307 in NNJ
  137. All from NYC or LI going to COI
  138. HELP: Need help with Timing Belt on a B5 1.8TQM
  139. changing wheels
  140. Looking For Shop
  141. CEL light on. Anybody with a code reader near staten island or closer?
  142. For Sale:ylw-blk 2000gsxr750 $3000firm
  143. Mechanic Wanted... For starters 01' Audi S4 Clutch
  144. In Albany and need some suggestions...
  145. NNJ : Any members here play texas hold em ? Trying to get weekend games going .
  146. King of Prussia Meet (10/21/08) iMax Theater (Side Lot)
  147. anyone from NJ/CT/NY have their stock cat-back lying around & want to get rid of it?
  148. Anyone know of any good window tinting places? Long island.
  149. Wheel Repair... I'm Bent
  150. New Wheels on my A4
  151. any mechanics or shops?
  152. Audi of Huntington, LI
  153. who has the black a4 USP on rt. 33 by colts neck area?
  154. some of my COI pictures
  155. Bailey DV
  156. WTB: B5 S4 with a blown motor
  157. Royal Flush Rallies- Charity Poker Run November 9th 2008
  158. WTB: Car cover for B5 S4/A4
  159. Feeler post
  160. Auto Detailers? Union County(Linden)
  161. Royal Flush Rallies meet 6:30 Sunday Morning!
  162. BLACK B7 with Oetty Front in Central New Jersey!
  163. ***Royal Flush Rallies: Poker Run Final Update- EVERYONE PLEASE READ***
  164. New windshield in north jersey
  165. Fordham University Euro's?
  166. going to be in NYC on sunday the 9th
  167. Hoboken 11/10 Drinks and MNF
  168. WTB: B5 Trunk lid in Ct
  169. DANBURY Get Together... Friday, Nov. 21st 7 PM
  170. Anybody looking for work in LI/NYC area
  171. jack daniels audi
  172. Buffalo, NY SNOW!!!!
  173. Royal Flush Rallies Mailing List
  174. Anyone want to buy a pair of OEM philips xenstart?
  175. Need to buy an a4
  176. Those That Drive Into and Around NJ
  177. FS: 19" BBS RG-R with Toyo Proxes 4
  178. FS: My car =[
  179. GTG: Central-ish New Jersey -- Friday November 28th 8PM
  180. Gray B6 Avant w/ "N.E.R.D" Front Plate in NYC
  181. Anyone willing to help me take off my front bumper?
  182. Anybody want to do a Clear Corner project this weekend? Ft. Lee NJ area
  183. Active Laser Protection (Jammer)
  184. Stolen S4....PLEASE READ!
  185. anyone wants some wide steelies 5x112??
  186. Need to get rid of the stock downpipes from my 02 S4 (6-speed)
  187. help me pressure test........... thanx guys
  188. Audi Mechs or anyone with experience?
  189. **APB** Silver B5 S4 and Blue C5 A6 stolen from Willowbrook Mall...
  190. ATTENTION: Silver B5 S4 and C5 A6 2.8 STOLEN!!! Please keep an eye out
  191. Wanteddd!!!! A4 S-line Titanium Wheels
  192. Looking for a VAGcom
  193. Audio/Video installers - do you need work?
  194. Black Friday.
  195. Silversurfer Please Read This Is From Lou
  196. Anyone want to lend me a hand?
  197. Feeler--Dyno day at ICS Tuning in Stamford, CT
  198. good place to get an alignment
  199. Wanted to Introduce Myself
  200. Royal Flush- November 9th Charity Poker Run Full Write up
  201. Post up your AIM screen names!
  202. white titanium spotted
  203. Vermont Ski/Snowboard CRUISE
  204. Toys for Tots Charity Car Show- Sat. Dec. 20th in VA
  205. NYPD
  206. 100mph in a 55mph speeding ticket on GSP!
  207. Any local guys know anyone wanting an A6 4.2???
  208. NJ Hand Carwash...it's way too cold to wash yourself.
  209. hit and run... in Long island
  210. help me remove my radio!
  211. Official: Mountain Creek Snowboard/GTG day
  212. Feeler: DIY Day at my place?
  213. Well no offers yet on my Audi A6. So I will post some pics.
  214. Offical DIY Day at my House
  215. Free Kittens in NYC
  216. Hey all. I finally made it over to AZ.
  217. Anyone have spare mudguards for a B6 a4?
  218. need exhaust welded in north jersey
  219. Muffler/ performances shop around Stamford/ Norwalk?
  220. front bumper
  221. Stock B7 17" Wheels Dirt Cheap Lowered Price First One To Call Me Gets Them!!
  222. Huntah Mt Sunday 14th, Anyone?
  223. NYC Audis forum
  224. Emissions test in NJ...
  225. New York Giants Games @ The Thirsty Moose in Jefferson NJ
  226. Autospeed Dyno day Dec. 20th!
  227. Pig finally charged with assault
  228. Tis The Season. Revo Technik's Holiday Sale Has Begun.
  229. Quattro + New Snowtires =
  230. Calling NJ B5ers!
  231. Hunter Mt Friday the 19th.
  232. Anyone here do bodywork and paint? LI, NY
  233. I luv da bronx
  234. Street Snowboarding 2nite in NJ FTMFW!!!!!
  235. So i left Queens, NY at 11:30.........got home?
  236. Am I crazy...
  237. Red B6 A4 with unpainted lowers & devil eye leds spotted in astoria??
  238. Need 1 Stock b5 S4 rim
  239. GPNY anyone?
  240. BBS CH
  241. Stupid rain is destroying...
  242. Any One Willing To Help Me With My CC MOD???
  243. Anyone with VAG-COM in NJ/NY area?
  244. Self Serve Car Wash in upper Westchester or Ct (Danbury)?
  245. Got a new camera want to take some pics..
  246. Revo help in CT
  247. stereo install recommendation???
  248. Suggestions for Wheel Repair Shop? [Central NJ]
  249. FEELER: Parting car back to stock
  250. Can I borrow a MAF sensor