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  1. Fender work?
  3. VAG-COM Needed in North East CT
  4. Need help. Cash/beer/ both offered
  5. Anybody with Vag-Com in Central NJ ?
  6. South Jersey Meet!!!
  7. Anyone have an Audi head bolt tool I could borrow near Warren NJ?
  8. NYC Midnight Runs 2011- Tentative Date- April 23
  9. N.E.R.D Spring GT 2011 ........yup its that time again!
  10. Who's interested in a small get together tonight?
  11. Official NERD Cruise for Dubs on Defrost 4 - April 2nd, 2011
  12. Long Island Detailer
  13. Small Get Together on March 27th, Sunday @ Starbucks Parking Lot
  14. Looking for someone to Program Keys in Central NJ
  15. Small get together Tueday 03/21/11
  16. ***2011 Euro Philly Cheesesteak Run - Saturday, May 7, 2011***
  17. Yellow RS6 on 287 N by Morristown - looks like right out of showroom
  18. Westchester Shops, NYS Inspection
  19. Need detailer
  20. NYC/Long Island Meet APRIL 10th 2011 @ 1pm
  21. NY Emissions
  22. ELITE MOTORSPORTS Introduction, Now An Official Sponsor!
  23. What's In The Shop Today @ Elite Motorsports
  24. Weather here is f*cking silly
  25. Happy Spring Everyone!
  26. looking for a good shop close to home to do my transmission
  27. Nice Run with S4
  28. 13th Annual Spring VW & Audi Show & Go April 10, 2011 - Englishtown, NJ
  29. timing belt and waterpump service
  30. woah. fastest lap of manhattan, 26 min around the island...
  31. Anyone know this 2001 S4 avant?
  32. car audio installer that makes "house calls"
  33. Great Mechanics Shop in Plainview, Long Island - Exotic Motorwerks
  34. Planning a Karting-Day at GrandPrixNY, who's interested? Details inside....
  35. Car Vinyl Work?
  36. NYC / Brooklyn Audi Tuning - Repairs Recommendation
  37. Dubs on Defrost Brooklyn Cruise
  38. NJ's lovely potholes...
  39. Real Time Attack Event at Lightning Raceway in NJ! 4/17/11
  40. What's Inside The Shop @ Drive Auto Works
  41. A4 Drifting at Clubloose
  42. DUBS & GRUB - Westchester County, NY: Official GTG and Chat Thread
  43. Anyone in CT wanna make $$$. Suspension install
  44. NYC Midnight Runs 2011-Saturday May 7 - 10:30PM Short Hills Mall
  45. N.E.R.D. would like to ask the community a favor
  46. 40's in a Bag - 2011 - Euro Car Show GTG and Pig Roast - *May 7th*
  47. detail shops in NYC
  48. Show & Go 2011 at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ - 04/10 - Cruise Details
  49. Thanks to Elite Motorsports.
  51. Good Shop for usp Conversion on audi b6?
  52. UCONN Car Show!!!!
  53. Wasserwerks 10th annual show presented by langan auto group
  54. wheel spacers 10 or 15 if you have i need urgent!
  55. What Would You Guys Like To See Inside The Goodie Bags This Year At Waterfest?
  56. April 15th LTDSLIP Drive: Midnight TSP Run
  57. Powder coat
  58. Any Good Paint SHops?
  59. The Official Tri-State Chatterbox Thread
  60. Please HELP!! Question about selling car in New York state.
  61. Show N Go 2011 Pictures
  62. Help! Anyone selling a crank pulley / harmonic balancer off an 02-05 1.8T engine?
  63. The AWE Tuning Development Car Program
  64. Langan Autogroup Presents: Wasserwerks 10th Annual Show-N-Go
  65. PF Changs Meet In Edgewater, NJ Tuesday Nights!!
  66. Any photographers in the Orange County area?
  67. RPMNorth car event-Sunday May 8th
  68. Saturday Morning GTG
  69. Detailer's Domain host Adam's Polishes on May 14, 2011
  70. Parking Garade NYC Upper East Side
  71. Edge Motors cruise + BBQ may 15th 2011!!!!!
  72. Anyone in the NY area with a VAGCOM cable?
  73. Electric Zoo 2011
  74. hartford area cruise to dustoff
  75. vagcom time for a lite up haha
  76. 18 or 19 rs6 reps?
  77. Anyone want to win a few bucks?
  78. looking for body work gurus!
  79. Anyone able to let me test their ECU? Iím in NJ
  80. Looking for some help
  82. HELP! Looking at a new car from Luxury Autos of Great Neck, NY
  83. Dub Invasion The Premier Urban Network for Euro Enthusiasts.
  84. Anyone going to Lime Rock open house tomorrow 4/21?
  85. Excelerate Performance is Looking for Another Mechanic....
  86. South Jersey/Philly VAGCOM
  87. CCSU Car Show, New Britain CT
  88. Quality Fender Rolling in NYC
  89. Audi Performance shop in Ny near westchester?
  90. Spring Cleaning 3 man Paintball tournament
  91. Independent shop or freelance mechanic in/around Philly/Manayunk/KOP
  92. anyone planning on going to lime rock races (CT) this year?
  93. TSP Drive - Date Feeler
  94. NJ new inspection law emissions only... Will I pass with tint?
  95. PPF Installer in Westchester
  96. Good shop for a tune up?
  97. HPFP Internal Installation
  98. Can someone look at a car for me in Newark NJ ?
  99. Thank You Dion, Aldwin, co @ Drive Auto Works!!
  100. Rim repair in North Jersey
  101. Anyone with b8 a4 sport package wheels wanna trade for...
  102. Let's do a G2G in South Jersey!!
  103. CT Charity Rally: Pegi Bartush Cruise Against Cancer June 18th
  104. HFC and DP install
  105. Stratmosphere SALE/Show/Shine May 14th 2011!
  106. Engine hoist rental?
  107. Fast 5 Audi meet.
  108. Anybody on Long Island with DSLR want to do a shoot with me?
  109. QUEENS NYC May 7th @ 12pm Trendsettaz Auto Club's Mother's Day Car Show & Dyno Event
  110. Where to get an S4 mirror besides the Stealership???
  111. WTB: ALL SEASON TIRES 205 55 16
  112. CT meet - sunday may 8th
  113. Official LTDSLIP TSP Drive June 11th
  114. New to Stamford, CT
  115. Reputable dealer in NJ?
  116. NYC Midnight Run- May 7 10:30PM Short Hills Mall
  117. new connecticut gtg thursday nights
  118. MAY 22 on LONG ISLAND
  119. cheap Suspension INSTALL
  120. Finally, someone who does flawless clear-bra installs!
  121. Anybody hear of this "rally"? *The BahnBurner Rally*
  122. My S4 was stolen. Please keep an eye out.
  123. Eurotech Motorsports review...
  124. farmingdale,ny- dave and busters tonight!
  125. Anybody in NYC/NJ/Long Island with a B7 S4 Cabriolet?
  126. queens vag com help today if possible may 7th
  127. Vag on Long Island?
  128. Wheel Bearing Replacement
  129. May 14: Stratmosphere Open House Event!
  130. 2.7T Swap in a B6 A4 - Can anyone do it?
  131. Any shop around central Jersey (Hamilton),need a scary sound check out!
  132. VAGCOM IN QUEENS 11374
  133. Dub Invasion Tuesday Night Meet
  134. Town Audi is now an Official Sponsor - EXCLUSIVE SERVICE SPECIAL INSIDE!
  135. Wednesday Night Meets @ Starbucks in Great Neck, NY
  136. Need help!! I got the p0685 code and car doesnt start. I need VAG. I'll pay $$
  137. Just got a price quote
  138. Thursday Night MEET: PF Changs in West New York, NJ 8PM
  139. ACNA-NJ - Poconos event Photos
  141. Paint Shop In Centrral/Northern NJ
  142. Interest in B8 S4 Only Track Day Hosted by us?
  143. Rim Refinshining Place...
  144. Meet at raceway park
  145. meet at racewaypark
  146. meet at racewaypark
  147. Tint Reccomendation in CT
  148. Any NNJ Audi dealerships replace B7 A4 cam/follower before problem?
  149. Revo dealer in northern NJ???
  150. PA Inspection near philly
  151. Bay Plaza
  152. Stolen S4's in New Jersey
  154. Big Summer Start-up; June 25
  155. V10 Twin turbo R8 today at Eurotech Motorsports
  156. anyone with stasis streetsports or PSS9's North Jers.
  157. Moved to New Jersey, Need Some Advice
  158. Town Audi A6 special
  159. NJ Emissions Readiness Test Quick Question !
  160. Need Ur Fenders Rolled? I got a guy...
  161. Bear Mountain Run: Sunday May 29th
  162. 1st annual EEM BBQ/GTG @ Sunken Meadow, LI 6/12
  163. Another Shout out to Sergey and Alex @ Edge Motors
  164. 2011 Audi S5 Manual
  165. Fender Rolling
  166. eurofest anyone
  167. NEED A DYNO
  168. VAGCOM needed in New Haven/Fairfield County CT
  169. Clutch install quote
  170. Experiences with Audi of Huntington??
  171. Good paint shops in the nj, ny area
  172. Broke high-schooler in need of halp!
  173. DYNOs in the ny/nj area
  174. Recommendation for Tint Installation in NJ
  175. Would like to setup a large meet-cruise
  176. Local Body Shops
  177. Best Tint Shop in Hartford area
  178. Looking for tint shop and body shop in Morris County.
  180. Any AZer's in CT or around Hartford??
  181. Platinum VW 1st Annual Show
  182. Any recs for a repair shop in Stamford,CT?
  183. Need polishing pads, anyone know a place in CT that sells them?
  184. ANOTHER Bear Mountain Run SUNDAY July-3rd
  185. whos good at installing headliners ?
  186. Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost
  187. HFC at the DMV in NJ
  188. thinking about vinyl wrapping... any suggestions..?
  189. xcarlink Installer?
  190. Town Audi Monthly Service Special for June
  191. NJ Driver Silver Toyota Yaris Plate WYE63K - GSP S NEAR MONTVALE TOLL
  192. Motorcycle Riders Beware!
  193. Superstar Welder Wanted!
  194. H20i?
  195. need help on long island
  196. Waterfest 17: July 16-17, 2011 - Englishtown, NJ
  197. Town Audi Special
  198. Town Audi 2008 S4 Cabriolet Special
  199. Town Audi Service Special for June
  200. Need help selecting a lawyer.
  201. Car trailer anyone?
  202. Looking for a decent body shop in tri-state area
  203. Anyone selling stock wheels for a B7?
  204. Tuesday Night Meets @ Home Depot in Staten Island, NY
  205. Looking for a garage to rent
  206. Spacers!!
  207. Guaging interest in trading my 18" OZ Superturismo's
  208. Albany people:
  209. Need a Detailer In Central New Jersey
  210. Oil change in the bronx
  211. Which iPod integration for my B7? Anyone in NJ know how to install?
  212. :: EuropaParts.com :: We are hiring!!!
  213. Radios
  214. vag com needed in monmouth county (jersey shore)
  215. New York State Inspection With Test-Pipe
  216. Upcoming Shop Review ** Prime Motoring **
  217. Anyone want to do my timing belt?
  218. Pioneer Avic D3 installer?
  219. Town Audi is the proud recipient of the Audi Magna Society Award
  220. I need some one to weld me up my exhaust.
  222. Where do you go to fix your car around Atlantic City?
  223. need a new shop in westchester
  224. Saturday Waterfest 2011 Cruise info request.
  225. The NJ Poker run is here!
  226. new s4 on the block !!
  227. wheel refurbishing in tristate
  228. Masters Automall in LI?
  229. AWE Tuning hosting track day @ NJMP
  230. Excelerate Performance: HPA DSG Master Distributor for the Northeast!!!
  231. Recommendation for body work - Audi certified?
  232. triming belt help
  233. Shaving rear sidemarkers?
  234. i'm looking for audi a4 b5 front pair black leather seats!!!
  235. any around ever experienced this?
  236. Town Audi New Car Special
  237. Next car: looking ahead already
  238. Westchester Caliper Paint Shop?
  239. Town Audi sponsoring 2011 Waterfest
  240. NYC Midnight Run July 2nd Summit NJ 10:30PM
  241. Looking for a shop that does inspections
  243. Town Audi July Parts Specials - 20% Off Parts on Saturdays in July
  244. Wednesday Night Meets @ Hooters in Fresh Meadow, NY
  245. my cel just came on
  246. East Coast Auto Sports Harrison NJ Nightmare
  247. airbruch scratch repair
  248. NYC July 11th @ 11am East-coast Highway LOW AND SLOW CRUISE/CARSHOW
  249. any mechanics doing side work in SEPA?
  250. Huper Optik tints dealer in Northern NJ?