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  1. ditt 5
  2. Does the price charged by the dealership worth it?
  3. Body/Paint Shop in Tri-state.
  4. ACNA-NJ Car Control Clinic - 11/06
  5. NY Front Plate
  6. Photoshoot anyone?
  7. Spotted: Black A4 on Broadway in Riverdale, Bronx
  8. warren, sussex, or morris county with a vagcom who can help?
  9. RFR: Accelerating for Autism: Chapter II - Charity Poker Run November, 7 2010
  10. Good experience with a NNJ tuning shop/APR dealer
  11. Got hit with a cellphone ticket in NYC, but ticket has not shown up online.
  12. REVO SPS near Randolph NJ
  13. anyone going to coolwater cruise??
  14. hey guys. selling my apt/co-op. $280k. Forest Hills. spread the word!
  15. any Stasis tuned B8 S4's?
  16. I've got 2 tix to yanks vs rangers Monday night. Looking to sell them
  17. Cruise to Cliffs Of Insanity 2010 for NYC/LI people
  18. turbo specialist in CT?
  19. Long Island, NYC cruise to AvantoberFest
  20. Upstate
  21. THE DAILY A.C.E. - Team A.C.E. Events/GTG
  22. Schmutzig VAG Official Tri-State Cruise to DCI Toys for Tots Saturday Nov. 20, 2010
  23. ok, so I can't find any Stasis tuned B8 S4's...any Stage 3 B5's want to take a run?
  24. Season Passes at MTN. CREEK?
  25. Free Tickets!
  26. Salvage yard?
  27. Powder Coating In Northern NJ?
  28. Where to buy good wheel locks/lug bolts in Brooklyn/NYC???
  29. Race Fuel (100+ Octane) in Bergen County area
  30. Hit New Jersey Motorsports Park with the Pros from TRG
  31. Body/ Electrical shop on LI or someone willing to help?
  32. any stock B8 S4's?
  33. Corner balancing
  34. Show N Go
  35. Local Painters
  36. November 13 NY/PA Hawks Nest Drive
  37. Westchester/Fairfield County Thanksgiving Get Together
  38. So im driving to six flags sunday...
  39. Feeler - Winter Prep GB at Detailer's Domain
  40. Powdercoating in NJ
  41. Looking for someone local with Vag-Com
  42. Powdercoat wheels in CT ?
  43. elite motorsports where are u? wheres my oil change lol
  44. Paint shop in suffolk
  45. Timing belt replacement CT
  46. Cars and Coffee @ F40 Motorsports Portland, CT this Saturday, 11/6
  47. Good shop for a mount/balance NNJ
  48. Audi Dealer Near White Plains
  49. Sand/Media Blasting in Suffolk?
  50. Excelerate Performance: APR for Audizine!!!
  51. Looking for a shop or person who can install S6 leds on a 2007 A6...
  52. Need a last minute recommendation!
  53. Audi tuner/shop in South Jersey/Philly?
  54. New member introduction and cars for sale
  55. Silver S4 avant stolen in Brooklyn; recovered in Queens
  56. Winter Tires
  57. Team A.C.E. & Town Audi Cruise out the Cold fundraiser GtG
  58. Please help first-time buyer of A4 in CT area
  59. Northern NJ with B7 S4 rotors?
  60. selling brand new Apikol s4 snub mount b6/b7
  61. ANY ONE HAS HOOK UP ON S4 Batteries ??
  62. LTDSLIP Drive: NY/PA NFFH Drive: December 4th!
  63. EE Militia Toys for Tots Cruise 3! 12/5
  64. Polishers in Central/South Jersey or Philly
  65. Redline Speed Worx: MKVI Time Lapse build!
  66. Recommended Indy in Nothern Philly Burbs
  67. Stamford CT Meet/Drive this Sunday 11/21!!!
  68. any vagcom owners!!
  69. NJ Audio Shops
  70. NNJ B8S4 APR/Milltek exhaust..i'd like to hear it
  71. hit a pothole
  72. Video Production Crew For Hire: RCohanFilms
  73. ** 3rd Official ACM Meet | North NJ | November 2010**
  74. Best go kart places in the tri state area?
  75. Shop recommendation for Audi PPI, near Middletown, NY
  76. Anyone have a 1.8T LWFW laying around?
  77. Gotta love late night cruises!
  78. CRUISE FOR A CAUSE: Top Dog's 1st Annual Car Meet & Food Drive (NJ)
  79. New Year Parties in NYC 2011
  80. What % tint are you guys running?
  81. Excelerate Performance: Northeast Audi & VW Performance and Service Center
  82. Buffalo gets hit with 3 feet of the white stuff!
  83. camlock bar and crank pin
  84. Coilover Install, help wanted....
  85. LTDSLIP Drive: Winter TSP Run
  86. Where to get APR chipped in central NJ
  87. Ultra sonic car wash...low car friendly
  88. Any one with a vag-com in long island willing to help ?
  89. help out a CT local 'Ziner
  90. Anyone been to Chappaqua or Thornwood "handwash"?
  91. any decent service at L.I dealers?
  92. NNJ (B county) get together
  93. NYE 2011 NYC Parties
  94. Shop On Long Island
  95. Any B7 A4s in WNY with AWE or Stasis catback exhaust willing to show off?
  96. SLR Motorsports Chips
  97. Team A.C.E. presents..Slopes and Quattro Tri-state/ New England
  98. Need installer for an alarm with R/S
  99. Need A Machine Shop In North Jersey
  100. Blizzard coming!
  101. High flow cat that will pass emissions in CT ? 1.8t
  102. wheel repair in tri state. area
  103. Ice climbing on New Years Day, New Paltz NY
  104. The Mountain Creek thread
  105. looking for a local shop dutchess county ny
  106. Looking for Local shop in dutchess county ny.timing belt
  107. Looking for a shop to install my Coilovers in NYC area
  108. Maybe old to some of you, but saw this today on a honda..and i fell in love!!
  109. 1st Annual Blue Mountain Blast GTG
  110. spotted in nyc
  111. looking for body shop in CT
  112. Vag-Come needed North Jersey
  113. Must repair L rear wheel bearing
  114. Albany Snow Vid
  115. Food and Drink for helping me with Vag Com in Connecticut : Airbag Issue
  116. Attention all rockland county members
  117. New user and potential future b7 a4 2.0t owner in Westchester County NY
  118. Sambucci Bros Junkyard..
  119. midnight imports looking recruits NJ
  120. Possible Meet in Paramus
  121. Oil suggestions? Where to Buy
  122. Drive Auto Works
  123. WHY!?
  124. Noggy s4 fs
  125. quality body/paint shop in NNJ?
  126. Mega FAIL
  127. KILOD
  128. Fairfield University
  129. Anybody go to farmingdale state college?
  130. 034 Adj UCAs - where to go for alignment?
  131. Alignment
  132. Shop to install FMIC B5 S4
  133. Anybody go to Lehman College?
  134. Might be parting out A6 2.7t
  135. East windsor, NJ Meet TGIF Fridays
  136. East windsor, NJ Meet TGIF Fridays
  137. LOL
  138. Suspension Swap
  139. How pissed would you be
  140. Audi History
  141. does anyone have a blackberry?
  142. Turnersville Audi Experience
  143. pre-purchase inspection in connecticut?
  144. Reliable Independent shop to do maintenance work
  145. ACE Gokart Day
  146. what exactly is team a.c.e.?
  147. NYS Inspection question
  148. Car wash in fairfield county?
  149. Pole position raceway meet
  150. daytona gray rs4 on rt-4 in paramus,nj at 6:30pm today?
  151. Videos from the 2010 Northern New England Audi Fall GTG in NH
  152. Great Neck Car Buyers and Sellers
  153. What a day on I-80
  154. Anyone here plays Forza 3?
  155. Does anyone live near Bedford, VA?
  156. Good Audi/German Auto mechanic/tuner in Parsippany or North Jersey area?
  157. One Day Pocono Track Event, affordable fun!!!
  158. think your day was bad?
  159. Hit a massive pothole on the sprain...Need your help!
  160. need vag com, will pay TODAY!!! NORTH JERSEY SUSSEX COUNTY
  161. Cam Lock Bar, crank pin...Long Island Please Help
  162. Damn just got an speeding ticket messing with a Hemi Charger by the Harlem River Dr.
  163. Windam Mtn. this Friday 2/18
  164. Feeler: Audi Meet At My Car Wash
  165. b5 a4 and s4 brand new parts need to sell car got totaled looking to get into a b7
  166. Red B6 S4 on RT 75 in Windsor
  167. RS4 style front grill with matching bumper inserts below
  168. Talk or text? Get fined and get POINTS....
  169. 2003 Audi a4 3.0 quattro
  170. Umass Motorsport Car Show 2011 April 30th
  171. Best Audi Dealer in NJ?
  172. Mounting tires.
  173. Great Audi Shop in Northern NJ-Eurotech Motorsports LLC
  174. Friday 02/18 Dyno Day hosted by ICS Performance
  175. Who is an AudiZine'r from the NYC area (NYC, Bklyn, Brnx, Queens, Staten or Jersey) ?
  176. Proud new owner
  177. Good Mechanicsnear Hackettstown NJ
  178. Lord n Taylor scarsdale
  179. CT help:Thermostat and Hood cable
  180. Confirmed Dyno Day - Monday 02/21 ICS Performance Stamford, CT
  181. Question For the Long Islanders!!
  182. Detailers in Central or NNJ?
  183. 2-27-11 Englishtown dragway first day of the season
  184. Who has 034 density street motor+tranny mounts?
  185. FS: Audi RS-4s powder coated black and yellow, Brooklyn.
  186. FREE BEER!
  187. Going price on exhaust install lately?
  188. Shop for Spring Install
  189. Is anybody willing to go check out a car in Lyndhurst, NJ?
  190. Audi,vw,porsche tuning yapank long island
  191. Muffler Shop in Rockland?
  192. Any A3 owners out there?
  193. Good bye to my S8 .
  194. April 16 2011; Spring Meet ; Brooklyn ; Big Meet
  195. April 16 2011; Spring Meet ; Brooklyn ; Big Meet
  196. early releases for sneakers?
  197. Looking for shop in NY/NJ area that does ceramic coating
  198. anyone here got a bta4?
  199. Shop for spring install in Brooklyn/queens
  200. When are you swapping wheels?
  201. New to the forum
  202. Are you looking for a cheap highly qualified Audi Tech? Look here...
  203. Garage
  204. NJ Meetings?
  205. EuroTech Motorsports
  206. Navigation address input for Queens NY
  207. Steering rack. Please help. . .
  208. Anyone in Westchester, NY area?
  209. Dubs on Defrost 4
  210. Bent Exhaust Tips
  211. Forest Park Meet Part 2!! (Queens NYC) 3/13/11 @ 1pm
  212. Anyone want to swap? My FI for your Awe?
  213. Grand theft auto--unbelievable
  214. Streetwars 7 ** April 17th ** Richard Stockton College
  216. ATTN riders and skiers...
  217. Audio Shop??
  218. Need to have a car checked out (NYC or NJ)
  219. B8 Polished Stainless Steel OEM Exhaust Tip Installation
  220. North East Car meets... Starts Here
  221. any shops have s5 SS brake lines in stock?
  222. Recommend me a shop to install Passport 9500ci
  223. any shops stock ate super blue in northern nj?
  224. clutch swap in CT
  225. wheel shops in CT?
  226. new to the audi game
  227. free stage 3 custom tune. b5 s4 in nj.
  228. anyone in toms river,nj????
  229. Cracked windshield
  230. Anyone a Snowboarder or Skier?! Interested in a Group Meet at Hunter Mountain?!
  231. Aerocatch hood pins
  232. street wars (beware 56k)
  233. Anyone in LI wiling to meet up and let me listen to there magnaflow exhaust for a B6
  235. Saturday April 2 - Dubs on Defrost - Cruise for Westchester/Lower Fairfield
  236. Free pups for good homes
  237. Leak Test
  238. Vag-Com ** Fairfield,CT area
  239. BlownEuros Spring GTG for Charity in PA (Sunday, April 17th, 2011)
  240. Big thank you to the Sunday autozone Bayonne g2g
  241. Eurowerkz Eurofest 2011~ Wayne, NJ
  242. HUGE favor needed!
  243. Website Designer
  244. Paint Shop Help
  245. Town Audi - the ultimate stealership
  246. Camshaft Alignment Locking Tool + Crankshaft Lock Pin
  248. Eurogas 3 formerly Eurogasm 3 - May 14, 2011