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  1. I need coooolaanntttttttt
  2. Unlimited Detailing
  3. Any C5 owners want to swap their cardholder for my cupholder?
  4. SI NY tuesday night meet...
  5. Red Bull Air Race! Jun 19-20
  6. Robinhood Rally
  7. Poconos Car Run SAT Jul 17th
  8. Traffic lawyers
  9. '' queens meets thursdays'' - euro only*
  10. Long Island, Smoothest route to waterfest?
  11. Punchbuggy/Waterama. June 27th, 2010 Atco Raceway, NJ
  12. Jones Beach Sat. night gtg's starting 6/26
  13. Laser red part out
  14. Requesting assistance..
  15. Royal Flush Rally vids and pics
  16. need big help
  17. indy oil change in Ithaca?
  18. Belt parkway highway patrol
  19. Good performance shop in Queens Nassau area
  20. I searched, really I did. Powdercoating question.
  21. Camber Kit for B6 A4 Avant
  22. free b5 parts in NNJ
  23. Westchester GTG
  24. H&R springs installer in S.I
  25. Be our guest for the Devil in the Dark Endurance Race
  26. Redline Speed Worx Presents: Summer Performance Service Specials
  27. Where to get a Good Alignment in Suffolk County?
  28. Body Shop Suggestions Please North Jersey
  29. EZ Pass holder inquiry
  30. Window Regulator Repair and Tinting (Suffolk)
  31. dyno
  32. Suffolk County (or east nassau) LI Body shop
  33. LI bikers?
  34. Redline Speed Worx Presents: APR Power Into Summer Sale
  35. any meets or gtg's going on the first week of august?
  36. Who felt it?!
  37. Iphone 4g Owners- Free Installation at Enfig*
  38. Good Exhaust Shop
  39. Looking for the best Bergen County Audio Shop
  40. Need Body/Paint Shop Recommendations around the central NJ area
  41. Need shop recommendations for both fender rolling and some minor maintenance work
  42. University of New Haven ASME Car Show: October, 10th 2010, West Haven CT
  43. .:E-town track day/aug 12:.
  44. Body and Mechanical shop
  45. Shop in Bronx
  46. Bikini CarWash & Car Meet...July 10th, 2010
  47. Looking for help with CC Mod ( B7 A4 )
  48. ALL NJ B7's!!!! ROLL CALL!!!
  49. anyone with a modded a5/s5 want some free nice photos? (prefer white or black)
  50. Any meeet ups this week?
  51. Manifold Thermal Ceramic Coating
  52. European style Rallycross at NJMP in August
  53. Wheel shop on Long Island?
  54. Starcbucks meet in Orange, CT every Thursday night @ 7
  55. any1 near sussex nj with vag? my cable is fried.
  56. Kos Motorcars
  57. Looking for Tires Mounted and Balanced Cheap
  58. Excelerate Performance: We Have Launched Our New Website and Web Store!!!
  59. **Induktion Motorsports ** GIAC Flashes @ Waterfest 16**
  60. Vag-Com / Flashloader HELP on Long Island
  61. Dub Invasion Tuesday Night Euro Meets, who we are, Official sponsor to waterfest 16
  62. vag-com in nyc area needed. anyone?
  63. Installation question
  64. **Remix Events New Jersey!!**
  65. Redline Speed Worx Presents: THE LAST STOP: PAS MAG NJ BBQ / GTG 7/16/10
  66. Shop to refinish OEM 18'' AVUS
  67. anyone with experience on a b6 s4 serpentine belt?
  68. Englishtown 1/4 mile drag and Road Course ALL Day Event! Aug 12th
  69. anyone interested?
  70. Looking for Timing Belt service in Monmouth County, NJ
  71. Anyone Interested in selling
  72. Need help finding ALIGNMENT shop in CT- any advice welcome =)
  73. WTB: 04-05 A4 USP Sedan 6MT
  74. Where to Buy Wheel Bolts
  75. 20% off Waterfest Special 7/19/2010
  76. Open House/BBQ/Demo Day at Detailer's Domain - July 24th
  77. Waterfest late comer
  78. Meets coming up...
  79. Waterfest
  80. Rutgers Camden Black B5 S4
  81. NY/Northern NJ area, whos cruising to Waterfest early Sunday morning?
  82. meet in Binghamton NY on august 14/15th weekend
  83. Waterfest 16 Aftershow (Chili's North Brunswick)
  84. PSA: as of Aug 1, NJ State Inspections are Emissions ONLY !!!!!
  85. Berlin Turnpike in CT.. Every Friday I see VW's and Audi's at D&D
  86. need a new front lower valence for b5 front bumper
  87. Going in for first service... Best place to go?
  88. Bikini CarWash & Car Meet Sat. July,24th @ 12noon in NJ
  89. HIN - Hot Import Nights / NOPI in NJ
  90. Farmingdale airport plaza meetin suffolk?!? anyone wanna roll?
  91. A.W.E. Tuning Annual BBQ, Save the Date
  92. Independent Audi garage in NNJ?
  93. need recommendations: Dent removal in North NJ
  94. Aftermarket Nav installation shops
  95. Just moved to Jersey from Florida
  96. machine shop
  97. Need someone to weld on some 3.5" tips onto my A4.
  98. Service Your Car at Audi of Brooklyn?
  99. Tuesday Night's GTG @ Hooters in Franklin, NJ- 8pm
  100. Anyone going to the stance works meet?
  101. Westchester & Stamford Weekly Meet
  102. S4 sighting in Plainview
  103. Recommended shops on LI
  104. Need VAG On LI
  105. :: EuropaParts.com :: Open House, August 21st. Please RSVP.
  106. recommendations: spring shop - northern NJ area
  107. Dubs on the delaware (cruise?)
  108. NYC Midnight Cruise
  109. Fender Rolling NY/Long Island
  110. Floydd Bennet Field MEET ANYONE... Aug. 14th?
  111. question about violation in NYC...
  112. Great New Tuning Shop in North Jersey - Drive Auto Works
  113. Meets for this weekend
  114. Morristown Meet - Jungle Juice Wednesday Night
  115. Paintless Dent Removal on Long Island
  116. Team A.C.E. - Connecticut Chapter
  117. Nogaro Blue S4, Somerset NJ
  118. Good place for brake service in Keene
  119. Rockland AutoWorks Open House/BBQ
  120. Thursday night Long Island meet
  121. Trendsettaz dyno meet in college point, ny
  122. Anyone in Syracuse want to help me out?
  123. Dyno Day in Lansdale, PA (Saturday 8/21)
  124. Springs long island
  125. need help w/ cc in central jersey
  126. So whos going to H20i
  127. Vag-com help in north jersey
  128. Nnj: Car Show / Pool Party / Bbq / Bikini Contest / Open Skating
  129. Audizine Club Parking @ H2Oi 2010!!
  130. motor work on long island?
  131. anybody wanna check out a AR in nj for me????
  132. Who dis
  133. Long Island - Good Alignment/Susp. Shop
  134. Anybody knows where Roll Fenders in CT?
  135. Where to get my windows tinted?
  136. Custom Exhaust
  137. A/C Recharge
  138. Thursday night meet at RPM
  139. 2 Audi A6 Rims and Tires (1 is BRAND NEW RIM AND TIRE)
  140. For anyone who was thinking about taking their car to Autospeed in NJ
  141. Floydd Bennet Field MEET ANYONE... Aug. 14th?...This Sturday
  142. Roads in LI
  143. Trusted Mechanics in SW CT Area
  144. Events/Meets for this Week & Weekend - Aug12th - Aug15th
  145. Anyone have a spare set of OEM lugs lying around?
  146. Need some help. Syracuse anyone?
  147. Are there speed cameras on NYC highways - ex. Brooklyn queens expsway?
  148. So JerseyShoreA4 got work done, he wanted to pic whore, I said video was better...
  149. Vag com needed for b8 s4
  150. Every Sunday in Glastonbury Ferrari Meet
  151. 100 oct gas in New Jersey
  152. Euro Coding...
  153. car meet NEW JERSEY
  154. Anyone do clear corner mod for B7 S4
  155. Stratmosphere GTG / Open House September 18th 2010
  156. APR Dealer near White Plains
  157. Bayonne, NJ Meets
  158. Rim repair in NJ area
  159. Thursday Nights -> Meet in Plainview, NY [li]
  160. installing power passenger seat in NYC area
  161. New Jersey - Jersey City GTG's starting Today 8/20/2010
  162. New Jersey - Hudson County - Weekly Meet up Spot Starting tonight 8/20/2010
  163. Events/Meets, August 20th - 22nd, 2010... This Weekend
  164. Custom Plate Frames?
  165. HELP !!! Anyone in NYC are with VAG TACHO ??? need to pull Audi SKC Pin
  166. OBI Tomorrow by Captree? Anyone Going?
  167. Electric Zoo ** SEPT. 4-5 2010
  168. Stereo shop in Fairfield County, CT
  169. Flywheel Resurfacing in Central NJ
  170. Rochester area shop for collision?
  171. This week is gong to be awesome... Events/Meets Aug 26th-29th
  172. Calling all North East Avants.............
  173. Brooklyn NY, Ceasars Bay car meet... Thursday Night...
  174. Detailers around New Haven CT?
  175. Engineering Job Market is tough
  176. FYI looking for stock B8 A4 wheels in exchange for my B8 slines
  177. anything going on in long island tonight?
  178. What exactly is the Audi "flagship" on Park Ave in NYC?
  179. NY Inspection shops
  180. Coilovers in NYC
  181. Exotics At Englishtown October 30th
  182. Munchen auto
  183. This might sound dumb but....
  184. edgewater
  185. New to long island
  186. Eurothon... Yonkers, NY
  187. Any audiziners going to Electric Zoo this weekend
  188. vag com in bergen county?
  189. anyone want to see stone temple pilots tonight at jones beach?!
  190. Anything goin on tonight?
  191. Last cruise of the summer!!! Professional photoshoot!!
  192. German Car Show Windsor, CT - 9/18
  193. Any VAST Reps in Upstate NY?
  194. Where we meeting at?
  195. Attn: East Coasters - NYC
  196. any az'ers that go to monmouth univeristy?
  197. Any suggestions for a cheap place..
  198. The poker run
  199. PA/NJ/NY GTG - Atco Raceway
  200. Gold Coast Concours September 12th
  201. Anybody attending Eurothon this sunday ?
  202. where can i get an inspection sticker in NJ
  203. So now that summers over... What's next?
  204. Auto paint
  205. Free Oil Change for civil servants
  206. Jersey anthony-********
  207. help
  208. Winter Wheels?
  209. .:Coolwater Fall Cruise #5-10/17/2010 : Taking care of our own:.
  210. Good Drives
  211. Western NY - Saturday - Strat GTG
  212. Track Event - NJ Motorsports Park - 10/12-10/13
  213. NAMotorsports | Chip Tuning Available!
  214. Looking for a shop not far from N. Westchester area
  215. South Jersey: RS4 aftermarket Exhaust
  216. Bugatti Veyron at Auto Expo in Manhattan
  217. looking for a decent shop in nyc area to install HIDs
  218. cracked windshield on 2000 A6 Avant
  219. ACNA-NJ Event AWE Tuning Dyno Day
  220. Conti Auto Body/North Shore Auto Collision (Vettech)
  221. Good Indy/Performance Shop Southern CT
  222. your cheap mods
  223. Can we get a meet going for Long Island???
  224. Performance Shop in central/northern NJ?
  225. EPL is now an official Audizine Sponsor!
  226. sussex nj, vagcom?
  227. Vag-com + Video in motion unlock rns-e help !! queens nyc
  228. So about that Englewood meet..
  229. Oct. 2nd NYC Midnight Run
  230. SUNY Cortland / Syracuse GTG
  231. University of New Haven ASME Car Show: October, 10th 2010, West Haven CT
  232. Posted my '08 A4 2.0t for sale... check the classifieds.
  233. Some Footage From the Auto X event at the Coliseum
  234. Cliffs Of Insanity 2010!!!
  235. Good Service and Tunning shop?
  236. ACNA-NJ/AWE Dyno Day - 10/16
  237. Callin out the RS guys MEET!
  238. Detailing Spot
  239. reputable vw/audi shop
  240. EXotics At Englishtown October 30th
  241. Vossen Photo Tour: We will be in NY/NJ/CT this Thur to Sun - looking for hottest cars
  242. Langan VW Of Veron Presents: Smoken Dubs Car show!!!
  243. Emissions in CT?
  244. The KING has returned!
  245. Good suspension shop?
  246. Got hit with speeding ticket on GCP...
  247. Limited S.L.I.P. TSP Rally
  248. Warrior Dash 2010! Anybody going this weekend?
  249. Trying to get my audizine license plate frame
  250. Trying to get my audizine license plate frame