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  1. Fabricating Foglights for S4 DTM in Tristate Area?
  2. Sooo, anything going on Wed nights?
  3. Pioneer Avic D3 Install help in NJ
  4. need a reputable body shop in northern NJ...
  5. NYC: Idiotic taxi drivers | Question
  6. Anyway to get discount on OEM parts?
  7. Where to buy meth in NJ....?
  8. MSP: Lightning Driving School & Safety Seminar (10.24.2009) :
  9. Need confirmation if you know about parts
  10. off the record
  11. LOOKING FOR- Certified Auto Appraiser
  12. Woodstock ny, cf trim wrap
  13. weather on Sunday
  14. Huge car meet on thursday 10/8
  15. Reputable Engine Builder
  16. tri-state area labor for timing belt service.
  17. Anybody ride?
  18. Autosport Performance
  19. Dutchess county criuse to show and go
  20. crookers sat 10/10 my bday
  21. Good body shop in the philly burbs area?
  22. FEELER: Killington Snow & Show??
  23. Now this is suprising... club coverage content
  24. Any Audi junk or salvage yards in Central NJ?
  25. Is Anchor mod friendly?
  26. Exhaust
  27. Thank you Ese a.k.a akaEsCo01
  28. Selling PRS guitar, i know classifieds blah blah but i want to sell local first
  29. Basic Mod Help
  30. Creepers @ the castle! Oct 29th
  31. AZ boarders unite
  32. Dead ECU help in CT
  33. is there a tire hookup in CT?
  34. Is there anyone in my area of NE NJ with vagcom?
  35. Paint shops in Central NJ?
  36. Road racing at Englishtown Monday October 19th $200
  37. Tuners..
  38. A.W.E. Tuning daily operations, an inside look at what we do
  39. Need a scan!
  40. NJ tint shop & clear bra - recommendation?
  41. high a4 prices
  42. Ticket Help
  43. Help With A Motor Pull Soon?
  44. Who has a BlackBerry?
  45. N.E.R.D's FALL GTG NOVEMBER 8TH @ Palisades Mall
  46. vag-com
  47. Oct. 25 .:4th Annual Coolwater Fall Charity Cruise - Time to Give Back:.
  48. turbo swap help or good shop?
  49. touch free car wash in central nj?
  50. body shop long island for bumper respray
  51. Wheel Collision Center - opinions?
  52. Haunted House Halloween Attractions in NYC
  53. PSA: State Trooper checkpoint Meadowbrook Pky NB Mall exit
  54. new to AZ pics of my new dd
  55. Hey, new member/Audi owner
  56. Traffic Tickets - Tuxedo, NY
  57. delete
  58. Timing belt job upstate ny
  59. GE For Wheel wheel and Tire Warrany Question
  60. New Guy @ philly
  61. Car show- GPNY- 12/20
  62. Need some work done....
  63. Detailer's Domain: BMW M3 Detail/3M PPF Install
  64. Halloween in NYC
  65. I need to get my rear spoiler painted. recommanded shop?
  66. Need Garage Recommendations (Weekend Visit) in Brooklyn - Williamsburg
  67. spring install on Long Island
  68. Vag-Com bergen county NJ
  69. Exhaust shop around Buffalo/Niagara border?
  70. Apr shop jersey city?
  71. Windshield replacement in Tri-State?
  72. Good place to get Coilovers done also approx price
  73. Dam I-95 in Bronx claimed another victim.
  74. Tint, Painted Lowers in Suffolk Area
  75. Any muffler shop around queens?
  76. Need a mechanic in Northern NJ (Coolant leak)
  77. AMS Autosport Exhaust
  78. Good Quality/Low Price Body Shop in Northern NJ
  79. Saturday November 28th Westchester/Fairfield Meet
  80. SCCA is organizing autox at Englishtown Raceway park.
  81. 2001 s4 check engine light!! inspection needed
  82. look at these sick deals for all you locals!!!!!
  83. Winter Meet @ GPNY!!! 12/20/09
  84. Need to part with some things... maybe something you want?
  85. car ports?
  86. Anyone in CT area with VAG tool?
  87. Anyone up for a trade???
  88. anyone with Vag around CT area? Ny/MA maybe?
  89. Rally to Victory Brewery 11/14
  90. Shot in the dark (my old B5)
  91. O2 Sensors
  92. turning signal problem
  93. The best Body Shop
  94. detailers in CT?
  95. Hudson Valley Audi/ VW Cruise....
  96. ticket for u-turn
  97. shops that do inspection
  98. Dosnt have to do with audi, but...
  99. Got my car dynoed at Turbo-kits.com's Mustang Dyno! Sweet shop for sure
  100. Rochester VAGCOM
  101. In a pinch, anyone with VAG near Oneonta, NY or 13815?
  102. NJ Snowboard Shops
  103. Wheel Repair - North Jersey (Essex)
  104. Anyone with fiberglass experience...
  105. Village Auto Body - Ridgewood NJ Reviews?
  106. Anybody on LI, that can Vag my b6?
  107. im looking to buy or trade Audi S4 B5 Avant manual only
  108. The Official Tri-State BBM (Blackberry Messenger) Pin Thread
  109. Dec 6 audi meet edgewater?!?!?!
  110. sunday dec 13th, cruise to windham
  111. dealer/shop recommendations
  112. TBB Needed
  113. Apparently, you don't have to be a teen to learn or participate! Dec 12th is the date
  114. Who's got ECUx on Long Island or close area?
  115. Vagcom needed in ct
  116. All American Burgers Every Friday 8:30pm
  117. The Tint Shop in Great Neck
  118. Classic Audi in Westchester... experience for service?
  119. I'm at Quinnipiac
  120. Wheel Repair Shops in NYC area.
  121. Great CT shop - Excelerate
  122. Vag-Com?
  123. 3in cat needed
  124. Dub creations shop
  125. Tri-state Vermont Ski/Snowboard Trip
  126. Fender Rolling Place in NJ
  127. Mohegan Lake Motors 0 - Danbury Audi 1
  128. Get your cars prepped for the winter at Detailer's Domain
  129. APR Tuning in MA area
  130. Dyno Day/Meet (1.8T BAT guys get in on this)
  131. Linden, NJ Boulder Creek meet (9pm Wed)
  132. Winter Meet @ GPNY 12/20/09 UPDATE
  133. Manhattan Photogs
  134. someone with Vag-com. can you help me disabling dtr?
  135. Tri State Meets...
  136. BLIZZARD coming!!
  137. In NYC for the weekend...
  138. Good New Years Eve NYC parties
  139. Drive safe today everyone...
  140. Junkyards
  141. Good garage new Doylestown, PA?
  142. Christmas Break Meet
  143. Looking for a good local garage in Northern NJ
  144. Good Mechanic in Ocean/ Monmouth County NJ
  145. Looking for some garage space in W. Suffolk Cty, LI
  146. NJ Inspection
  147. New Years - What to do? House rental?
  148. Any coin operated self car wash place in North NJ?
  149. Fairfield Audi great service
  150. Long Island
  151. need a shop 4 clutch install b6 s4
  152. **Happy Holidays**
  153. vag-com in NJ
  154. Engine rebuild. Where ?
  155. Exhaust for Tiptronic
  156. li applebees meet?
  157. Need Southern CT Shop for Ipod Install
  158. Possible meet in Babylon LI
  159. Mountain Creek G2G/Ride Saturday Jan 2 2010
  160. Need Help(advice) with (scratch) problems!! please.
  161. VAG COM Needed tonight in Secaucus
  162. anyone down for hunter on tuesday the 5th?
  163. Hoffman Audi of New london
  164. reputable central jersey mechanic?
  165. Bumper
  166. 1st Event of 2010!! TSADYNO.COM Presents The Winter AWD Dyno Day January 10th, 2010!!
  167. New York Shop Recommendations
  168. Reasonable/Reliable Oil Change in Westchester?
  169. B5 S4 Mechanic in Northern Virginia
  170. Damaged Wheel Components 3K worth of damage. Looking for reputable indepen. mechanic.
  171. sandblasting wheels?
  172. Grille Question
  173. Mountain Creek/ 3rd Rail Rail Jam 1/9
  174. All Euro Meet at Floyd Bennet Field (AKA: abandoned airport meet)
  175. any a4 b6ers do the coilpack recall yet?
  176. Sunday 9dub Cruise
  177. Rolling spotted ?
  178. Mtn. Creek GTG Thursady 14th
  179. Vag-com in SE CT
  180. Buy Liqui Moly Synthoil Premium 5W-40 in NYC
  181. Oil Change at Dealership
  182. Need help with BT module from A3 or TT owner with RNS-E
  183. NYC This Friday
  184. Can anybody help with spring install this weekend (saturday)
  185. Just moved to: Valley Stream, NY (LI)
  186. Cheap Forge DV/ CAI/Exhaust install in Nor'Jers.
  187. AT&T can suck a fat one...
  188. Place to get Tints?
  189. North Jersey audi a4 help
  190. help with getting correct timing 2.7t
  191. vag-com work in the western MA northern CT, Albany area?
  192. Warning AMS Autowerks!
  193. Sign The Petition for a shot at having a track on long island
  194. Does anybody have spare 2.8 ECU??
  195. anyone near staten island with a vag-com? help!
  196. So Riverside is now Audi of Meadowlands?
  197. Powder Coating rims
  198. Need advice...
  199. Timing cover shredded!!
  200. Palisades Mall Meet 1-23-2010
  201. Team A.C.E. - New Jersey Chapter
  202. Help installing a Dice Ipod Connector
  203. Good NJ shops in 07718 (Middletown, NJ area?
  204. Good NJ shops in 07718 (Middletown, NJ area)?
  205. Tree fell on car! Need Sunroof assembly ASAP!!!
  206. The end of the road for this Audi?
  207. SNOWball Rally '10.....Official rally to DUBJAM info thread
  208. Good Auto Body shop recommendation in Central/NJ Shore area??
  209. Wheel Straightening in Suffolk County
  210. Anyone got a spare ecu?
  211. Awesome Local Shop
  212. alignment shops
  213. buying a car out of state (do I need temp plates?)
  214. WTB: Stocks 16 or 17 Wheels NNJ
  215. Don't trust Audi dealers with oil changes...
  216. Any Audi/VW guys in the Fairfield CT area....
  217. any recommendations?
  218. inspection in NNJ with tints please pm me
  219. need some help with mods
  220. Blown turbos???
  221. Polish/Refinish Headlights
  222. Nj: Car show this saturday!! Click click
  223. Street Wars 6 car show in NJ!!
  224. Redline Speed Worx Presents "Shop Life"
  225. Redline Speed Worx 2010 APR ECU Upgrade Now Available
  226. Redline Speed Worx: APR 2.0T FSI Transversal Stage III Now Available
  227. VAG COM in central Jersey?
  228. Install my Test Pipe?
  229. End of Winter Drive - Saturday, February 27th, 9am - Flemington Audi
  230. 15 inches tomorrow. anyone down for a meet?
  231. Anyone wanna make a few bucks doin a DIY for me?
  232. Transporting a car from CT to NYS
  233. Wanted: 2.25" Magnaflow Clamp (NJ, NY, PA)
  234. Saturday Night G2G (Hooters RT23, Franklin, NJ)
  235. crew/team name poll thread
  236. Hole in door from snow plow debris!!
  237. JHM flywheel/clutch install (Westchester, NY)
  238. DD for hire
  239. Anyone in the Hudson Valley area with VAG.Com? Need Help!!
  240. PCV
  241. We might actually get that snow...
  242. Good mechanic/service place in North Jersey?
  243. snow day video with me and my r32 friend
  244. 2nd annual get together Central NY
  245. anybody going to Justice/ Ed Bangers Ball tonight at Terminal 5
  246. Service @ Eurotech Motors in Edgewater??
  247. Anyone willing to help do a CC Mod on a b7?
  248. Would you be interested in a GTG for a good cause? (animal lovers come in)
  249. need help urgently...
  250. AWDTURBO is a stand up guy!