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  22. Anyone have similar sounds and issues 2012 s4 32k miles
  23. Turns out my Multitronic had regular red ATF in it, what can I expect?
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  31. New owner... is this a normal sound from 2.0 CVT?
  32. A4 B7 1.9TDI Cylinder head. need advice
  33. Codes: P219F, P21A1, P21A0 and P1139
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  35. Stabilization control (ESC) Fault
  36. How much is it worth?
  37. audi a4 1.8T 5 speed stick shift. 1997 Stuck in gear, ? slider pin location.
  38. New guy looking at clutches for a B5 S4!
  39. Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) on S3 (or TTS or any other)
  40. clutchs
  41. Axle ratio
  42. Different tires sizes... is it ok?
  43. Dual Mass or single mass? clutch?
  44. Need help thumping while shifting hard b8.5 s4 6mt
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  53. Clutch Recommendation... JHM vs ECS vs OEM/LUK?
  54. Anyone have any issues with ECS flywheel noises? What about SPEC clutch kits?
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  56. Equivalent of Spoon Rigid Collar Kit (From the Honda world) for Audi?
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  61. Clutches
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  85. when the car is running in highway, I let off the gas, the RPM fluctuate!!! pls help
  86. S tronic vs tiptronic
  87. Should I be able to push my shifter all the way to the left and then into 1st or 2nd?
  88. Coolant Vs. Clutch 2006 2.0T Help !!
  89. 09L Tranny
  90. HHL Tranny
  91. 97 A4 2.8 wont go into park or move
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  97. 2014 S6 rough shift into first
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  102. How much power can it handle?
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  108. HELP!!!! Will a b5 s4 6spd driveshaft and diff fit a b5 A4 2.8 5 speed?
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  110. Technical specs for various engines, help please
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