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  1. How to remove LF axle stub from quattro Auto trans?
  2. straight cut dog-box gearset has arrived!
  3. can I chip a4 b7 auto trans??
  4. 04 Allroad trans lunges
  5. high-pitched whine when shifting from stop to first (manual trans)
  6. Help Me Out Guys!!!
  7. 09 a4 6MT gear oil
  8. Aftermarket clutch plate springs
  9. 1993 audi urs4 flywheel question
  10. Problems with high revs
  11. b6 a4 1.8T CLUTCH
  12. Going in for a clutch job, while they're at it..
  13. Drive train diagram for 2.7T with 01E
  14. 6-speed setups for the 2.2?
  15. knocking noise in the rear end
  16. Audi transmissions
  17. B7 Gear Shifter movement
  18. I need a torque converter? not really bad but need
  19. 2003 A4 CONVERTIBLE 3.0 FWD CVT "GGR"rebuilding/parts/used transmissions
  20. Who's making the best clutch for our cars nowadays?
  21. Incorrect gear ratio
  22. 2006 A4 Dies, Won't Start. No Diagnosis yet, help please!
  23. ZF 5HP19. 01L or 01V? Looking for alternative ATF.
  24. Clutch R&R
  25. need help!!!
  26. Paranoid Question
  27. B5 S4 TIP Trans Removal question
  28. Turbo gone, timing belt slipping, or something else?
  29. How to get Audi A4 Pin code for key programminng
  30. Inner tripod joint grease Q
  31. Hard shifting in audi a4 2004 1.8t quattro
  32. Anyone using Castrol 10w60 in their car?
  33. Reverse slips
  34. B6 6MT transfer case removal
  35. Need 96 Audi trans computer! Help
  36. 97 A4 quatro auto wont engage gear or go in park
  37. P0714 Code Advice
  38. :: ECS Tuning :: MKI TT Haldex Service Kits!!
  39. 95 audi 90 2.8L....... Please help with any info that would help
  40. a6 differential capacity
  41. A4 clutch won't release
  42. first drive dogbox... mmmmmm. this is gonna be FUN!
  43. Audi a4 b7 Tranmission fluid
  44. Auto->Manual 5sp. and final drive ratio
  45. 2005.5 A6 4.2 150k mi. RPM fluctuations only during very mild acceleration.
  46. Audi a4 PRND pannel flashing
  47. fluctuating RPMs
  48. IPT Import Performance Transmissions
  49. Tip-tronic shifting automatically
  50. CVT transmission tips on maintanence and prolonging it's life?
  51. New ECU tunning PROGRAMMER-FGTech Galletto 2 Master
  52. CVT trans, code 18109/p1701. has anyone run have info on this code???
  53. B5 A4 transmission interchangability inquiries needed answered ASAP
  54. Infrared Thermameter For Correct Fluid Level check?
  55. Quattro explained
  56. 03 Audi A4 1.8t automatic
  57. i need an expert opinion
  58. MK4 golf gearbox. i need replacement bearings, any help welcome
  59. Broken Transmission A6 2.8 2001 help needed
  60. Transmission cooler
  61. Noob w/ FSAE car
  62. B7 A4 3.2 drain plug sizes
  63. 2000 b5 s4 slave cylinder. help i know where its at but i cant get to it. any advice?
  64. Clutch chose for 2.7T with RS6 turbos
  65. 1992 Audi s4 20v turbo transmission
  66. P0741 Torque Converter Clutch solenoid Circuit performance or stuck off Code
  67. B6 A4 1.8t Tiptronic TCU location?
  68. No power at rear wheels?
  69. 07 a4 replacing the clutch
  70. will a same code transmission fit from different model car?
  71. 2wd Transmission to go with a8?
  72. DIY For B6 A4 Tiptronic Transmission Fluid Change?
  73. weird noise need help!!!
  74. 2.0T Quattro Transmission Completely gave out w/o symptons. Anyone else have this?
  75. Vibration in drive train
  76. Torsen washers!!
  77. AFE Pro Dry S Filter
  78. 2004 Audi S4 clutch blew + zero compression
  79. any ideas of clutch stage 1 ?
  80. '01 TIP Question
  81. Harmonic balancer to lower timing belt pulley bolts
  82. Help me please
  83. Replacing a4 tip transmission with an s4 tip transmission.
  84. B5 S4 01E vs B6 01E
  85. B5 S4 tip???
  86. B6 1.8T vibration w/ steering wheel shake w/ LOUD clanking noise
  87. B5 tip problem
  88. Electronic Gear Selection?
  89. Custom transmission (tip) program needed.
  90. Audi A3 Quattro system not working
  91. 2.7t metal coolant pipe leak
  92. 2006 Audi A4 2.0T FWD transmission questions/need help
  93. Flywheel to 2.0tdi BLB engine
  94. ZF 5HP19FLA - EMP to EYK modification?
  95. Audi 5HP24A - Rebuild???
  96. B8 S4 Steering Wheel
  97. B6 A4 1.8t Auto<<< Manual Swap question
  98. A3 1.8T Tiptronic only in 1st gear!!
  99. torque converter
  100. changing my clutch 2002 A4 1.8t
  101. 2008 Audi A6 S-Line possible transmission problem, Help Please!
  102. B5 stage III clutch suggestions?
  103. clunky half shafts
  104. Strange B7 A4 2.0T Transmission? Problem
  105. 2001 A4 2.8 banging/kickback @ 30mph
  106. Someone to replace the clutch in my B6 A4 3.0
  107. Torque converter install, lecture me pls
  108. Swap from a4 5speed to s4 6speed
  109. Trans failure (pics inside)
  110. front differential problem??? Help!
  111. Which one is best!
  112. Help with trans fluid
  113. Clunking in drive
  114. HYDE16 Reviews Peloquin LSD and USP Steel Shift Forks
  115. Just wondering...
  116. Front differential shims
  117. Repair shop mixed my torque converter, will it work?
  118. Auto Transmission Drain plug socket size
  119. new flywheel binding on starter?
  120. B7 A4 Clutchmasters FX400 died at 15,000 miles, and thanks Drake
  121. 2.8 12v problems. No power. Need help
  122. 1500mi in to PA-AK trek with the A6. Think I may have smoked the front diff. Advice?
  123. Convert Fwd to Awd?
  124. My saturn ls1 wont go into any gears??? ANY IDEAS???
  125. Desperate need of a special Transmission TOOL for rent?
  126. RWD VR6
  127. 2000 A6 Audi Quattro
  128. is it the clutch?
  129. What did I do to my car? Shifting problems.
  130. 1998 audi 2.8 v6 quattro wagon missfire
  131. Rebuilt engine, service intervals
  132. 2005 audi a4 1.8t throwing Vehicle speed sensor code, NEED HELP!
  133. Will B6 A4 V6 3.0 FWD CVT work/fit to B6 A4 1.8T FWD CVT?
  134. Not sure where this goes...
  135. b5 s4 clutch and shifting issue during transmission replacement
  136. S4 humming,
  137. DSG "Fuzzy Logic" Explanation
  138. Convert TT Quattro to RWD for Drifting
  139. hi im new to audi having shifting problems
  140. '07 A4 Cabriolet 2.0T bought 4 mths ago & tranny just went out: PRNDS flash of death
  141. Problem with first gear
  142. MK1 Audi TT 6 speed first gear issues
  143. 4:1 Diff. Winter Driveability?
  144. DSG mated with 3.0L B6 engine
  145. a4 b7 knocking noise
  146. Early DSG issue...
  147. RS6 ECM Switch HELP!!
  148. B7 S4 Power Steering Issue!
  149. R8 front diff bearing fail
  150. 02 allroad trans leak
  151. Shifter linkage help?
  152. :: ECS Tuning :: New PigŪ Mat & Dispenser Combo Pack!!
  153. No foward gears
  154. b7 tiptronic limits?
  155. Problems Need Help is it worth fixing!!! did VAG scan! got these trouble codes
  156. HELP needed - EPC light
  157. Tiptronic or Camshaft senor
  158. B8 S4 S-Tronic Question
  159. WTB Tip Chip B5
  160. Tiptronic shifting issue
  161. I need a TRANSMISSION - 2002 S6
  162. Brand new s5 with rear end whine
  163. :: ECS Tuning :: B6 A4 1.8T RA4 Clutch Kits!!
  164. pipe to clutch sleeve cylinder
  165. Clinking/Rattle noise when turning
  166. Audi a4 2.8 tiptronic, not accelorating gear 4 & 5
  167. How much power on a A4 B7 Quattro gearbox?
  168. 3rd gear grind
  169. PRNDS... What the hell did I do?
  170. what happend to my trac. control?
  171. Need some opinions/input.
  172. B8 Sport Package
  173. Transmission/Clutch Problem?
  174. Transmission Limp Mode Problem.
  175. B6 130-6spd
  176. A4 B5 clutch MASTER HOW DO I GET IT BACK IN???
  177. B6 Manual transmission. Will shift in gear when car is off, but wont shift when on?
  178. 1999 Audi A6 Automatic Transmission Issue
  179. Mann W 940/25 1.8t oil filter dissection
  180. cv joint/vibration?
  181. 98 Cabrio Automatic Slipping in 2nd and third gear
  182. 5HP24A technical question
  183. Quattro driveline durability questions
  184. 1991 Ford Ranger 5-speed manual whines LOUDLY until clutch disengaged
  185. A4 B6 Quattro Automatic transmission range sensor Issue
  186. Multitronic breakdown....
  187. B7 Quattro in neutral only. transmission friction element?
  188. 2000 Audi A4 Transmission Seal Help
  189. Driveshaft rebuild
  190. A4 96 clutch same as 97?
  191. 01E B6 availability
  192. 2005 Audi a8 no ignition no start
  193. Stage 2 clutch problem
  194. Uk New member needs help B6 1.9 TDI 130
  195. B5 S4 knock noise when putting in second at high rpm.
  196. Audi manual - gear shift flutter?
  197. disconnect rear wheel drive?
  198. Dual Mass Flywheel resurfacing?
  199. NEED B6 Manual FWD TRANNY
  200. Seals/mounts Re-fresh on a 01A
  201. Audi 5hp19 valve body help needed
  202. Allroad Tranny woes
  203. B7 RS4 front end vibration while turning at low speed
  204. 1999 A6 Tip 1-2 shift problem when cold?
  205. Vibration under load? Help!!!
  206. C5 2.8 Quattro auto trans help
  207. B5 s4 won't engage any gear on or off
  208. 2000 a6 4.2 transmission problem!! help please!!
  209. Clutch replacement/upgrade
  210. B6 S4 6speed hard shifting
  211. 2002 Audi TT manual tranny issues
  212. Any way to convert 01e box to a 3.7 diff?
  213. Calculate MPH at RPM altering tire size/ gear ratios and final drive ratios
  214. How do i remove this center cap?
  215. 2.0 engine swap b7 to b7 Quattro.
  216. How common are 01E problems?
  217. Help Please!
  218. New transmission
  219. 97 A4 1.8t auto to manual swap questions
  220. Need help picking a manual transmission to swap into my 04' A4 3.0Q tiptronic!!!
  221. How much torque on A3 8V 1.8T s-tronic 7speed?
  222. 1997 a6 Wont Shift Out of 1st Gear After New Tires & Trans Flush
  223. 01 A6 manual shifter hard to shift?
  224. Cast iron flywheel
  225. 2002 audi A4 1.8T issues. New Owner Please help.. loud whining noise after warmed up
  226. Sensor on 6spd manual
  227. Timing belt kit recommendations
  228. 2004 Audi A4 Throttle problem
  229. Clutch pedal stuck to the bottom and not working
  230. B7 A4 Auto What Part is missing? (Bell housing)
  231. Vibration while accelerating.
  232. Audi A3 2007 DSG
  233. B7 A4 6 speed to 8 speed, Quattro to Quattro with Torque Vector
  234. Changing out the stock clutch
  235. A4 manual transmission on an a6
  236. 99 a4 needs tranny swap auto to manual
  237. 2004 A4 1.8L: It's -10F and I have no heat!
  238. fwd to quattro? ?:/
  239. B7 3.0 TDI quattro Avant ZF 6HP19 gearbox issues
  240. B7 3.0 TDI quattro Avant ZF 6HP19 gearbox issues
  241. Clutch slipping!!
  242. b5 a4 won't drive forward or reverse
  243. CV Joint problem
  244. 2011 A4 automatic transmission fluid
  245. Audi B8 check engine light after oil change.
  246. Let's play "Name That Knock"
  247. Clutch Judder
  248. Tiptronic S4 changing down by itself
  249. rumbling noise
  250. 2013 s6 dsg