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  1. Xenon replacements?
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  3. ••ό•• Umnitza Aries™ Photos Thread
  4. LED headlights
  5. Lights around the grill
  6. E-Code City lights and other bulbs B6 A4/S4
  7. After market?
  8. B5 LED rear plate lights?
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  10. Opinion Headlight Replacements
  11. HID kit?
  12. Corner lights W/ 3 prong connector?
  13. Xenon Help!!
  14. help
  15. My LED`s arent too bright!?
  16. Rally Style Bonnet Lights?
  17. need help finding LED headlights
  18. what should I do(b7)
  19. Accessing reverse light wiring for parking sensors?
  20. D1S Bulb trouble
  21. Getting headlights level
  22. Best HID kit for Dectane Headlights
  23. Color Match
  24. LED daytime running lights
  25. D2S ballast + H7 bulb
  26. Self leveling headlights pointing down only!
  27. B6 S4 xenons aren't that bright and sharp
  28. rear license plate housings
  29. B5 LED interior lighting
  30. Does my B7 have Adaptive Lights?
  31. B5 One Piece Conversion + HID
  32. Light Housings, Part Numbers and Differences
  33. anyone running these
  34. Vag-Com needed for new headlamps??
  35. B7 have Adaptive Lights adjust for ride height?
  36. Will these fit my 2005.5 B7 A4?
  37. hey
  38. A different kind of LED Fog
  39. 2010 L.E.D. tail lights
  40. umnitza
  41. B5 Xenon auto leveling question
  42. LED's For my Rear Turn Signal.?????
  43. B5 Ecode city light sockets?
  44. Is it my Bulb or Ballast?
  45. A3/A4 Headlight connector diagram
  46. b7 a4 LED headlight installation help
  47. Help !!!! with my light problem !!!!
  48. B7 eurocode xenons
  49. WTB b5 Projector headlights.
  50. D2S 55w bulbs?
  51. vag-com code needed. for city light or dtr
  52. hid questions, and where to buy valeo?
  53. Xpost Depo Halo LED conversion help
  54. Im desperate and need to clean out my garage...LED's anyone??
  55. helix for audi a3 8p
  56. Fog Light Question
  57. Stock Headlights and foglights
  58. HIDs or LEDs?
  59. WTB Igniter (D2S) for B6
  60. Projector Sizes Thread: WHERE?
  61. how is depo angel eyes?
  62. DDM HID
  63. HID Kit Matching LED's
  64. Which wires are the ones for the parking lights?
  65. Red LED headlight mod!
  66. B6 Headlight VAG COM HELP
  67. b6 rear fog lights
  68. Halogen>>>Xenon Headlights??
  69. Xenon Model Light on EBay
  70. JOM LED Strip-8 LED Version
  71. Do not buy from DCT! Support Forum Sponsors
  72. B6 A4 Backup Lights LEDs
  73. 2004 Allroad Ballast ?
  74. Where's the best place to buy some Xenons.
  75. HID is starting to flicker before it eventually ignites!?!?!?
  76. Bulb Sizes???
  77. B6 Valeo D1S vs. non D1S (a little help please)
  78. ••ό•• Umnitza Orion™ V2 - unbreakable - still the brightest
  79. Cluster bulbs
  80. B7 tinted rear bumper reflectors
  81. B6 S4 Projector Size
  82. Ever seen an HID bulb burn through housing cover?
  83. b6 aligning bi-xenons?
  84. audi a3 2008 led headlight
  85. B6Cab - double fogs or LED strip?
  86. A question for Joey Modders
  87. Little Help Shopping For Electronic Chip for Xenon ballast
  88. Xenon for foglights?
  89. Issue with LED Reverse Lights B6 A4
  90. Right-Side lights have less current
  91. 2004 A6 - Anyone have issues with PIAA (H3) fog lights
  92. Philips UltraBlue 6000K
  93. continously running front and rear footwell lights?
  94. During clear-corner mod, the chrome wiped off!
  95. AR headlights
  96. How to wire up LEDs from Fuse box
  97. Bulb sizes and recommendations needed
  98. City lights work as DtR?
  99. Cracked a Fog...Need oem for RS4.....
  100. Any Audis/VWs with wedge style "stealth" bulbs? Or can I use B7 bulb sockets?
  101. Activating & Rewiring Audi S5 "Parking Light" for Non E-Code Headlight
  102. Switching Level Switch for DRL - CH/LH
  103. HID info. kelvin (color temp) vs. lumen (brightness output)
  104. anyone who has installed HID kit in fogs
  105. HIDS in B7 A4- Flickering
  106. a5 interior light, horn, assisted steering not working?
  107. Do I need warning cancelers when fitting HID's on An B6 A4?
  108. rear plate led blubs..
  109. LED DRL's not working.
  110. Beware of build quality on aftermarket xenon bulbs - especially non -brand named
  111. foggy tailights plz help
  112. Problem with my HID's.
  113. New Headlight Problems HID + LED
  114. Would a bad, or almost bad ballast "kill" new bulbs?
  115. Right Dipped Headlight Question
  116. Do they make devil eye lights that will fit my b6 s4?
  117. QUESTION about 2004 A4 OEM HEADLIGHTS
  118. Dipped Headlight
  119. Any way to darken daytime driving lights?
  120. B6 headlights/fog lights question
  121. 01 s4 headlight ballast replace with aftermarket
  122. b6 s4 convertible door handle inlumination
  123. headlight switch
  124. put in resistor for led plate lights. simple question now
  125. A3 Rear plate LED's
  126. Replace drivers side fog on A4
  127. Anyone here sells HOEN H11 Xenonmatch ?
  128. Why no REAR fog lights on 2010 A5 PremPlus with LED taillights?
  129. H11 and H7 questions
  130. LED Strip Running Lights Mimic
  131. Alarm lights
  132. b5 fog ligh options????
  133. Fitted 8000k HID's and warning cancelers to my A4 B6. Help needed
  134. Anybody know where I can find the following LEDs for my B6 S4 headlights?
  135. Devil Eyes
  136. Conversion of rear light behaviour: US--> EU ... on an Audi A5
  137. testing OEM HID housing??
  138. Street Glow and LED's
  139. depo led's
  140. HID kit for 2007 A4
  141. Anyone heard of those Philips D1S?
  142. Quick question about HID kit
  143. no interior lights
  144. HID Error Cancellors
  145. Does this exist?
  146. need help with tail running light asap! please help
  147. C6 A6 LED headlight
  148. LED Projector Headlights (Black) Vs Euro Halogens
  149. HID issueI
  150. headlamp fused to connector!
  151. electrical gremlin (x-thread from b6 forum)
  152. How to clean dust from inside the Valeo RS4 housings
  153. Feeler for modded fog light relays
  154. Weird Foglight Issue
  155. Bi-xenon low beam bulb question......I searched....I swear!
  156. Is there a ignition live under the bonner/hood
  157. B7 S4 headlight assembly
  158. Headlight Lenses Repair Question
  159. DDM ballast question
  160. LED wire to light the Audi emblem
  161. License Plate Bulb Cover Replacement Help
  162. B6 S4 Fog HID conversion help please
  163. ••ό•• Dual Bi-Xenon FXR Retrofit
  164. Changing the LED rear turn signals on my new Q5
  165. Changing amber led turning light to white on 2010 q7
  166. LED angel eyes - auto dim function?
  167. Bi-xenon bulbs 06 A4
  168. Audi Lighted Emblems....
  169. ••ό•• All Lighting Needs - one stop browsing/shopping
  170. Which fuse is for the interior and glove box lights?
  171. running lights
  172. Does PY24W/24W bulbs come in other color than orange?
  173. D1S bulb upgrade question?
  174. Help my project! Inside of tail lights.
  175. lamin-x vs piaa h11
  176. B6 A4 HID head and fogs..... PROBLEM!
  177. Another Halogen to HID conversion question (B6 content)
  178. need help installign S6 LED's on a 2007 A6
  179. automatic lights
  180. HID Ballast's
  181. HID for 2010 A4 Avant
  182. what is audi adaptive headlight?
  183. How do i wire in new halos
  184. Xenon swap out?
  185. how long do HID & LED ballasts last???
  186. LED bulbs for DRLs for B7 Audi without codes?
  187. Luminics Yellow H11
  188. Low grade D1s bulbs destroying ballasts?
  189. LED Interior & Exterior
  190. Fog light question
  191. Hoen xenon match H11
  192. B6 3000K 35W Fogs
  193. Looking for OEM dark/smoked taillights for '02 S6 Avant.
  194. Audi A4 2003 - Rear (tail) light keeps on burning out. Is this normal for Audis?
  195. Front turn signal innop.
  196. D2S HID Install anywhere?
  197. Led fog light
  198. Joey Mod question about bulbs
  199. OEM HID Question.....
  200. Dim aftermarket hid bulb problem
  201. Aftermarket LED headlights- few questions
  202. b6 headlight splitting
  203. reverse lights LED
  204. C5 A6 Depo Headlight Help
  205. Crazy problems with my lights. Please help!
  206. help me identify my headlights and my connector
  207. LED tail lights setting off code
  208. need help with aftermarket hid and fogligts inop
  209. Foglight MOD - Foglights on with High Beams
  210. Stock Headlight Replacement
  211. Search orange glare light
  212. Bought new headlights, pins dont match.
  213. Help me spend my money!!!
  214. LED Foglight H11 Installed and now I have questions
  215. Xenon Projector Alignment Question
  216. Left Headlight out... not the bulb
  217. 97 a4 with A/M hid kit, will it fit stock 00 headlights?
  218. License plate light fuse?
  219. Early 1999 HID headlight question
  220. 2001 B5 A4 HID Help: Help me identify this wire
  221. headlight bulb replacement
  222. Left Rear Light problem
  223. 2011 A4 Premium Headlights
  224. Whats a good price to sell B8 a4 Bixenon LED?
  225. Anyone recommend a place for License plate LED's besides USP?
  226. Help: DDM Tuning Code Eliminators (Fogs)
  227. HID Preference
  228. HID / radio electrical problem
  229. B6 left dipped headlight, flickering, replaced bulb does not fix.
  230. parking light stopped working
  231. Can anyone help me out?
  232. s6 led fogs on a b7 s4
  233. B7 - License Plate Light Fuse HELP???
  234. HELP: Headlights with 6-pins
  236. LED Tail lights on B8 Avant
  237. B8 2011 S4 how to get more light output
  238. Turn Signal Works, but when I press the brake the parking light wont light....help
  239. no luck
  240. Do I have hids?
  241. Stock HID Wattage
  242. In Need of Headlights PLEASE HELP!
  243. Retrofit on a 2009 Audi A3 (facelift) ?
  244. ***Kufatec Summer Sale is Here***
  245. Clear Corners on my B7
  246. Looking for Mpower for help!
  247. Dipping headlight problem, replace ballast or get new aftermarket headlights?
  248. Electrical troubleshooting
  249. 01 a4 fog light hid question
  250. D1S Amber Delete