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Founded back in the later half of 2001, Audizine has gone through some pretty major changes over the years.  One thing has always remained constant though, the fact that it's run by true enthusiasts with a genuine love for the brand and for automobiles in general.  Created out of the desire to see a friendly and interesting community of enthusiasts that were much like ourselves.  This could very well be the reason we're still here today.

And we're still growing.  Every day new Members join our family, expanding the knowledge base and enhancing the Community that started with just a few dozen of us some years ago.  And in turn, you'll see the website itself continue to expand, with new sections and features enhancing the experience for all involved.  From our Members to our Supporting Advertisers, we aim to make your experience the best and most interactive it can be.

So as you can see our goal has always remained the same throughout the years, to provide a unique option for the enthusiast.  A place they can call home.  A little corner of the Internet that all car fanatics can feel comfortable gathering and sharing information alongside others just like themselves.

As always, we welcome all comments and suggestions on how we may be able to improve your experience here with us.  We take what our Members have to say very seriously, so please do not hesitate to submit your ideas and feedback. 

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The Audizine Admin Team

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