I was hoping to get some clarification on MMI software versions and model compatibility...

I have been experiencing some Carplay and MMI playback issues with my 2018 S5 running MMI version 0918. The dealership confirmed the issues and also consulted with Audi Assistance. Also, MMI version 1118 which was in my A5 loaner (and is available for several other models including the A4, A5, Q5, and Q7) seemed to fix my issues.

Unfortunately, I was told that 1118 was not compatible with my S5. Based on other owners' experiences, I can't tell if it's just Audi's reluctance to do software updates or if it actually is incompatible.

My questions:
1. Can anyone confirm that 1118 is incompatible with the 2018 S5?
2. Why does Audi seem so hesitant to upgrade MMI software? Especially on new models, I would think they want to fix bugs and improve features as quickly and as often as possible. I have heard many stories of people having a hard time getting the latest versions.
3. Audi seems to have a 6-12 month release cycle. Are there any indications when the next version(s) will be released? My car was built almost 12 months ago, so I would hope a new version is coming...

Any answers would be most appreciated!