Iíve been searching for a while now and I canít seem to find a diy on HALOGEN TO OEM XENON...everything looks to be plug and play minus having auto levelers and such...am I missing something....I took out my halogens and put in a set of OEM XENONS and the plugs matched up and all the lights worked. I did not recode the lights with vagcom and they seemed to work. The only issue I have is a bulb out warning light. Is this due to not being recoded? Also am I missing something is this as straightforward of a swap as it seems. I know I donít have autolevelers but the functionality of the headlight is what Iím wondering. How do I get the bulb out warning light off? Is there an official DIY that someone has written up on this found a lot of stuff for bi xenon but nothing for xenon. Thanks