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    Acceleration stutter and no start??

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    So my b5 has 205,000 with a 30v. It has had TB and all associates things done. Cats all four 02ís done. So while driving and not all the time. Mostly when there has been snow. The car will cut out for a split second and then come right back on. Usually it when Iíam bogged down and I hit gas hard to speed up and it will stutter, but not all the time sometimes under smooth light acceleration it will cut out for a split second and be on off for a few seconds and then run normal. No codes. So the other day leaving from DR with wife and son I had backed into a spot and when leaving the car cranked but didnít start. I turned key back and tryed three or four more times. I pulled my OBD reader and got code p0302 cylinder two misfire. Cleared it and car cranked for a little long then fired and drove fine for the rest of the night. Also once or twice before the cel light came on and had I believe a p0345 cleared it while driving and was good. What do you guys think. Sorry for the short book.

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    No one has any ideals?

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