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    Weird Electrical Issue

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    So I've been looking through the forum posts and haven't been able to find one that hits my issue. Here's the short and skinny:
    About 2 weeks ago my 2004 S4 and I were driving along and all the electrics died. Literally everything. No speedometer, radio, anything. I even had my Valentine 1 hooked up to my OBD2 and it died as well. Lasted about 1.5 to 2 seconds, then everything came back. Date and time in the dash was correct too. Fast forward to today and I drove to the grocery store. I unlocked it with the fob and put my groceries in the back. Get in to start it and nothing. No lights on the dash, nothing. Tried turning on the radio and it was dead. Then, things start coming back to life. Turn to accessory position on the ignition after about a minute and the dash comes to life, sporadically. Turn to start and nothing. Try again after another minute or so and get the clicking sound like I have a dead battery (battery is well charged and not even close to dead). Give it another minute or so and then she cranks and starts. Radio is running through its CDs and booting up, the dash thinks its August 2003. Drove home just fine, purrs like the kitten she is.
    I've checked all the fuses even the one on the positive terminal on the battery, and they're all good.
    I have no idea what's going on but I figured I poll the forum. I don't want to get stranded anywhere.
    Any help or ideas is much appreciated.

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    The dreaded electrical Gremlins. Almost sounds Lucasish...
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    I've had the same thing happen. Leak at the heater core hose got some coolant on the battery and corroded the connection on the terminal. It wasn't until I took it off and saw the actual post corroded that I figured it out. My only other guess would be ignition switch

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    Sounds like something got wet.

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