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Thread: Ultra Quattro

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    Ultra Quattro

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    I just want to say whatever Audi engineers came up with this is a complete moron. I can't believe this is going to be installed on any model at all. I will never EVER buy an Audi equipped with this crap.

    If anyone else feels like I do post here and share your opinions.

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    So the engineers who developed an entirely new AWD system for Audi are morons? I find that difficult to believe. There is really not a huge difference between how the two handle and they will mostly just be on mass market cars (think Q5) for fuel economy. But if you do not like it, then don't buy one. No one will miss you.

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    The only issue I have with it, is its Torque limit..... it makes modding the cars past about 350 Ftlbs almost out of the question (And I modify ever Audi I buy).... and when current allroads on E85 can reach 400tq that is going to suck. That will be the reason I don't buy another Audi....

    Other than that, I highly doubt the driving experience is going to change at all. After owning a Golf R I can tell you that it didn't feel any different than quattro
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    Doesn't bother me. “True”quattro is over-rated by purists. Besides I’m sure the next gen Audis will have electric versions with dual motors. I just feel bad for all those people and kids mining cobalt in the Congo.
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    Let's not forget that the A3, Q3, and TT are all essentially FWD until the front wheels slip then power is shifted rearward. They're basically "ultra quattro" vehicles already.

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