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    Try Audi Denver located in Colorado

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash2018S4 View Post
    Try Audi Denver located in Colorado
    I'll give them a try, thanks!
    B9 S4

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbuxton13 View Post
    Can you tell me which dealership had this answer for you? I am in Germany with a US spec car and the German dealerships won't help me. I've tried calling a few US service departments at random and so far none of them have had anyone come in with this problem, nor did they have any clue about it or any other helpful info. I am beyond frustrated with the lack of response for this problem.
    The German dealerships are absolutely the worst for service with a US spec car. I lived there for 15 years, and basically had to hand-walk them through anything I wanted. Best thing to do is pull it up on ETKA and try and get a parts person to try and order it. If not, you will have to contact a dealership in the UK for help.

    The German parts folks would often tell me "We can't order it without the VIN" or its not allowed. Better learn some of the language, and also looking for another dealer, or German enthusiast sites can help too.

    Had the same problem with motorcycle parts and upgrades too! They can be really stupid, and always fall back on the "It's the TuV" BS.
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    At about 2000k (3-4 weeks ago) the Max Oil Level Warning came on and it's been there ever since. Going in this week. When I called the dealership they said it could be condensation. It's been pretty damn cold here....

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    Car went to the dealer on Friday for high oil temps and engine a call back from the dealer today telling me that it was bad fuel compression and the problem was solved with a reflash on the ecu...yeah im not buying it. I doubt when I go to the dealer tomorrow that the oil temps will be stable. Disappointed, given that the car just hit 5k miles.

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    Biggest thing for me is the rattles with the music..

    I do not even have the sub or the bass all the way up. I just play the music loud and I get the rattles..

    Also apparently I have a fair amount of curb rash on all four wheels from average pot holes here in the winter which is depressing.


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