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    Question Running hot, but not overheating yet.

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    All posting this here as there is typically better response on the 2.7 here than in the C5 forum . Car is running hot, and appears hotter than it was two months ago.

    A brief history:
    So When I bought the allroad it did not drive, clutch was out. I could start and run but I never got it up to running temperature. I tested compression before taking engine out. Pulled engine, replaced turbos with K04's, full timing belt package. Reinstalled engine, started up bleed system (block and heater hose).

    Drove about 1k miles, monitored everything. was running about 93 to 96 ambient temp about 75. Before starting my stage 3 tuning.

    Now it is about 96-100 with lower ambient temperature. Two weeks ago found a pool of coolant on the floor. Searched and found a leak at the heater core hose to block on passenger side. line was split, ordered and replaced the line. Replaced coolant sensor and aux WP temp sensor with a 95c unit. No change. All three fans are running. I am now wondering if I got a bad thermostat that opens late (meyle). Thinking that is the next thing to replace and may start tearing into it later tonight. i have a replacement and did a boil test, opened at 87 and by 90 was wide open. (i tested the first one and it might have opened later but i did not write down the data)

    When logging data in VCDS The temp for G62 sensor logged from 01-engine is different than the display in HVAV unit. How the HVAC unit is the same as the coolant temp reading from 08-Auto HVAC

    Anyone else have any thoughts on what could cause hot but not overheat? I have not had this issue with my previous 3 s4's and I did timing belt packages on all of them. (last one had a thermostat failed open).

    Thanks for your thoughts and assistance
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    Meyle is cheap made in china junk & imo the car runs way too hot from the factory. im running a 80 degree Behr thermostat and its never been better (way less heat soak and i dont have to wait hours for it to cool off before working on it anymore) heater has been plenty hot the last few winters too despite being colder than usual outside.


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