Well After 105k miles my trans in my '11 s4 started making a faint bearing type noise. Initially thought it was the center diff.. But I swapped it with a known good one and the noise was still present. The problem was deeper in the trans, likely an output shaft bearing on its way out.

Anyways..I bought a used trans with 6k miles from a 2016 S4 rather than taking out my trans and having it rebuilt ($2k+ and a month without my car). I researched everything and couldn't find any differences so I figured it would bolt right up. I even checked ECS and Alldata for different part numbers for the clutch, axles, mounts and reverse light switch BEFORE I ordered the trans. Everything seemed to check out. When I got the trans, everything was the same as my 2011 trans except for one thing.. The reverse light switch. My 2011 trans has an actual mechanical style switch (part number: 0B1941521B) and the 2016 has a hall effect style sensor, (part number: 0B3927753A). This is leaving me without reverse lights or a backup camera. I can't find any info on Alldata or online for this updated reverse light switch.

A pigtail was spliced into my harness to try and see if the new sensor would work with my existing wiring since both sensors are 3 wires.. It doesn't.

Does anyone know if it's possible to code my computer so the car will work with the new style sensor or have a work around for this?