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    Ceramic vs PPF? Or Ceramic *AND* PPF...?

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    Hi gang,

    I just took delivery of a 2018 RS3. In an effort to keep this car 100% pristine at all times, Iím going to do some combination of ceramic/PPF - and wanted to get the thoughts of the ďprosĒ...

    My current thinking is to do a 3M film on the nose ONLY (Mirrors, Hood, Bumper, Headlights... windshield?) and then ceramic coating on the remainder of the car. If I do this - Iíve been reading that it might be a good idea to do a Ceramic on top, but Iíve also read that some of the self-healing properties go away if that is done.

    My secondary thought is to do a Ceramic coating on the whole thing, and just ignore the PPF all together, letting it do itís thing.

    I also plan to use a local installer for all of this - one guy who I trust who is a 3M guy for the PPF, and another guy that uses Ceramic products from Majestic Solutions, should I go either route.

    What are the thoughts of you guys?

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    PPF's are going to wear and show bits of sandblasting either way. It's because they have clear coat layer. That said, follow whatever instructions that particular brand suggests. I'm a big fan and primarily detail only with Ceramic Coatings. Lots of good options out there for very low prices too. The key to looking good still remains in the correction and polish when detailing.

    Looking forward to the pics!
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    Thanks for the reply. Iíve been following @Pan on his detail series, and Iím almost confident enough to try a ceramic myself (consumer grade, for a year...)

    Background: I was a professional detailed for 8 years. Iím 100% confident in my ability to take my time and do my paint correction.

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    I have both the full car Xpel Ultimate PPF with a ceramic coating over this to improve the hydrophobic properties.

    I too have been into detailing for several years now and apply paint correction, ceramic coatings, etc. In my opinion, you cannot beat the PPF for protection, modern PPF does not show signs of sand blasting, trust me, look at my location, if anyone was going to see sand blasting it would be on the front of my car but with the modern Ďself healingí films they have come a long way from the old yellowing films of yesteryear.

    If you want peace of mind, PPF and full car PPF is the way to go, you can apply your choice of coating over this, I went for Kamikaze Collection Film Coat, it works incredibly well.
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