For sale: Brilliant Black B6 A4 ULTRASPORT (front + rear) Bumpers

Hi guys! Here are BRILLIANT BLACK B6 A4 ULTRASPORT bumpers (front and rear) that I have for sale.Those are the original bumpers that came with the car.As far as I know,they never been resprayed and show some normal road wears (minor dents, pittings, and some light scratches) .They both can be buffed out or repainted. All 3 grills are in great shape and no broken tabs.The front bumper has a very small dent where the license plate mounting bracket used to be.The rear bumper has a small spot on the bottom left corner that was sanded down by the previous owner.It appeared he had the center part of the rear bumper painted GLOSS BLACK but that didn?t last long and started to peel. So I removed the remaining gloss black paint and that?s when I discovered the sanded spot on the bottom left corner.However it doesn?t look too bad even at a close distance.I?m looking to sell the front bumper as a whole with (all 3 grills, headlight washer motors/caps, tow hook cover and both fog lights). However,If I get enough offers just for the bumper without its components,I will consider selling the rest of the stuff separately. The price is $500 picked up for COMPLETE FRONT BUMPER and $275 picked up for the rear bumper. In addition,the car is currently parked in my backyard with both bumpers still on. Upon receiving payment(s), bumper(s) will be taken off the car. Currently, I am not looking to ship but If I have well motivated buyers, I will consider shipping the bumpers out via GREYHOUND because UPS or FEDEX would be too expensive because I?ve been there before. If interested or have questions, feel free to send me a private message. Thanks for looking.

List Date: 10/13/2017

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