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    7 feels unstable with rear windows down

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    Title, has anyone else noticed this about their 7? I'm not sure if it's the shape or the way the wind catches in the backseat or trunk area but my car likes to wander in it's lane like it's getting blown about. It only happens with rear windows down and it took me almost a month to figure this out.

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    Most cars have different buffeting issues depending on which windows are open and how much they are open. I have never liked driving at highway speeds with my windows open, but I have to on the track. My S6 gets a lot of buffeting with just the fronts open, so I need to crack the rears (or open fully as some tracks require).
    If the A7/S7 aerodynamics push air into the rear of the car, it could potentially make the car feel a little chaotic inside, but I don't know that the amount of air getting in the car is enough to affect the handling or the downforce of a 4400 pound car. Just my guess.
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    tilt up the sunroof, it should help the noise.


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