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    S6 LED fog retrofit.

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    In need of some information on this retrofit. I have a set of S6 LED DRLs and am just wondering if I need anything extra(resistors, etc.) of any kind before rigging them up. I plan to reuse my existing fog wiring for these as they act as DRLs and the wiring is easily accessible.

    Thanks in advance for any wisdom,

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    I heard the car is set up to have a certain current draw value in mind, to know if a bulb goes out. But only for certain bulbs, important ones, to trigger a warning on the dash.
    Does not apply to something like an overhead interior light.
    But I wonder if it's a concern with modifying fogs to LED's, which will probably consume less power, which is one of the appeals of LED in the first place (for carmakers in general)

    Not sure if resistors are the best way, because although that tricks the car into thinking that power is consume, it does so probably by consuming that power and turning it into heat, that might be dangerous.
    Maybe Audi goes the full step of programming new models in a way that they don't use the band-aid fix of slapping resistors everywhere. "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should". Technically I guess it could work, but why do it that way. Although it may be easier and faster, in terms of labor and less information required for you to learn.
    The people who design new Audis and decide what goes where and how, probably have a lot of knowledge and experience.

    These are just my offhand thoughts. Maybe I am wrong.
    I have thought about converting the car to LED before, if I can settle on the right bulb products, and this is merely something I have heard before mentioned by other people. If I personally could avoid resistors if I do this, I'd prefer that way or not at all.
    "Do it right the first time"
    "Do it right or don't do it at all"
    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
    "KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid"
    etc. - various quotes I've been told before.
    Your car though. Again, you can disregard if you want. Up to you. I have no horse in this race.

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    Changing your fogs to LEDs WILL cause a code on your DIS. Though, these are not ebay LEDs, thus my question. S6 LED DRLs were a common modification for those willing to shell out the high price for them back when I was heavy in the game. They are an OEM upgrade, I just can't remember if I needed to inline resistors for them(heat is not an issue, as they will be mounted in a location ideal for drawing away heat) for B6 application or not.

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    Yusss! Thanks, broski. I searched all the way back to 2009, so it looks like I gave up RIGHT before I would have found that thread. 👍

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