I have a 4.2L v8 allroad and am looking into ECU tunes to increase power. I already have piggie pipes. I don't plan to do further modding. Research has left me a little confused about JHM vs APR. Has anyone driven allroads with these tunes? Would love some input

APR Pros:
- passes California smog
- 30 day trial period
- I have driven a car with this tune and know it is good for daily driving
- claims to increase allroad power to S4 levels

APR Cons:
- less rave reviews on forums

JHM Pros:
- rave reviews on forums
- no trial period

JHM Cons:
- lots of comments about the throttle being too sensitive after the tune; I am looking for a daily driver, not a racecar
- $100 more than APR tune which is currently on sale