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    2017 S3 and the missing subwoofer level control in MMI

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    A whole bunch of 3 (A,S,RS) series are missing the subwoofer adjustment in the sound settings in MMI. Should be right under treble and bass. It's not there. Dealer is no help as they say no update for my VIN.

    My MMI version is 0694 I believe which is rather old.

    Apparently version 1110 and above have restored the feature.

    Something needs to be done.
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    2017 S3 and the missing subwoofer level control in MMI

    Same here. B&O option in my car. Curious to see Audiís reply.

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    My 14s4 with BnO has no sub control, nothing new. There are guys on here that can get your mmi updated.
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    Any news on this? If thereís a way to get my MMI updated, Iíd love to hear it.

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    Same problem on my Car. The dealer is not helping to this problem.


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