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    Flap Intake Sensor and Solenoid Part Numbers please!

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    As the title says.
    I'm looking for the part number for the Intake Flap Sensor and the Solenoid.
    If somebody has one for sale, I'd like to hear too.
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    Solenoid is available on ebay for very cheap. They go bad quickly because they are on the front of the engine and have hot radiator air being blown over them 24/7 by the fan.

    Part number is 037906283C, they are usually called Canister Purge Valve but it's the same part. You can find them on basically every VAG product from 2000 onwards - I found one at a pull-a-part place from an old Passat for $0.99.

    If you're getting limp mode / inability to rev high (P2015 or P2020 or both), this is the most likely culprit. Luckily, it's also the cheapest and easiest to fix. You can replace it without removing anything in the engine bay except the rubber weatherproof stripping, just takes 5-10 mins of fiddling with the hoses.
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    I think I still have the solenoid/flap arm assembly somewhere in the garage:

    Willing to sell - PM me if interested


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