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    Liftgate latching but making sound when closing

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    Closing the power liftgate makes motor like sound when it is latching down.. button on the tailgate works to close the tailgate but it always makes running motor like sound. Indicator inside the console shows red on the liftgate but actually liftgate is closed. So basically two problems: motor sound when closing and red indicator in the console.

    I showed to local dealer and he diagnosed this problem to the bad striker. But he was charging $600 for fixing it - $400 for the part and $200 for the labor.. i already paid 150 for diagnosis. I took it back as not sure if it is worth the cost. Also I was not sure if that is correct diagnosis.. because it seems to me some motor issue than striker issue.

    So I need help in figuring out what exact part I need to buy and how to replace it (if i can do it myself).

    I researched and seems like there are 2 different parts available on audi website when searching for striker: 8P4827507 and 4F9827383G. Not sure which one to buy? from where to buy it and can I replace it? any instructions will help.

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    Since yours is Q7, 4F9827383G is the correct part. You need to remove cargo room end trim which is an aluminum one by pulling up. And remove 2of 13 MM nuts from striker. The striker is adjustable for its mounting positions, so make sure to mark original striker position before removing it. Good luck.

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    I can see where the striker might be an issue with the trunk indicator stating that the trunk is open....

    The motoring sound that you might be hearing (based on mine) is the latch pulling the trunk lid in to seal it. So when you push the button to close, the lid drops and hits the striker. Then the striker engages and pulls the lid in just a bit more for a tight seal.

    I use and talk to a guy named Clint for help. They always verify my parts, answer my questions and for you, just provide your VIN number and they will tell you what part goes on your car.

    You will have to create an account with them to email them.

    Hope this helps.....


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