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MSS KITS designs and brings to market a range of Premium Fully Adjustable Performance Spring kit products for prestige German
sports cars marketed under the MSS Spring Kits brand. MSS spring kits products replaces the factory (OE) parts yet retains the passive or
active dampers – such as the Audi MagneRide™, VW ACC/DCC™, BMW EDC™ or Porsche PASM/S™.

We are often asked why MSS products cost more than a set of one-time lowering springs from well established brands.
The simple answer here is that our products enable for enhanced ride comfort and performance handling for streets or track
use whilst retaining the factory shock absorbers. Bonus features are an easy cost effective upgrade path. It is important to
understand that these benefits are all often regarded as not possible from a single product let alone "just a set of springs".

From firsthand experience of the established brands products for the VW Golf MK7 R/GTi; Audi S3/RS3 have caused a
few rubbing, bottoming out, harsh ride issues that many of you can attest to I am sure. MSS has engineered these issues
out of the product with extended road tests (real roads; real every day use not computer aided simulations).
The upside for you so that, you get a 'fit & forget' product that works as intended. We back all that up with a Lifetime Warranty - no quibbles/no fuss

Just a simple plain replacement for new if our product fails

Key benefits MSS products:

By believing in the principle of keeping a car looking as it did when leaving the factory.
It is our single guiding focus and we make the following five promises to our customers of the MSS Spring Kits products:

- Available in a choice of Streets, Sports or Track versions.
- Each product is designed to be a direct replacement for the factory (OE) part and requires no modifications.
- Our products will not introduce Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) nor Check Engine Light (CEL) errors.
- Each kit is shipped with a Lifetime Warranty underlining the confidence we place in our products.
- Reduced dive on braking or reduced squatting on acceleration
- Keep the original factory dampers
- Gain advanced car setup comparable to aftermarket premium Coilover kits
- Improved ride comfort compared to the original factory suspension setup
- Retain the ‘in-dash’ functionality to change the suspension settings for cars equipped with electronic dampers

Product fitments
– Audi S3/RS3 8V
– Audi A3/Cabriolet
– VW Golf MK7 R
– VW Golf MK7 GTi

Here is North America's first RS3 Fit with a Fully Adjustable Sport Kit...

What kind of drop should I expect?

- Fully Adjustable kits are adjustable from 10-30mm below stock height front and rear

Which kit suits you and your cars driving habits?

This Chart below is a solid reference guide to what is going to suit you and your driving style. Are you dissatisfied with the ride
quality of your car with the factory suspension? MSS Street or Sport spring kits are going to be an ideal choice for improved ride.
Utilizing revised coil bind diameter and spring height changes, MSS has covered grounds to allow the springs to carry a lower spring
rate than stock, while increasing handling and road stability by a significant amount. It must be magic!

- Every day user, zero track days but want the car to handle better and be as comfortable as possible? - Streets rate is most suited to you.
- Every day user, track days once in a blue moon or even frequent but also want the car to be more comfortable without lack
of performance? - Sports are for you! This is the do one, do all rate for 90% of drivers.
- Still drive the car on the street but didn't mind a harsher ride quality? But at the same time want much better handling than stock,
increased ride comfort and want the car to be 100% confident on the street and on the track? Track or Track LS are for you.

For More Information Visit MSS Kits North America landing page.


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