To start, new alignment machines are pretty straightforward and self-calibrate, right? Would like to rule out user-error, but who knows.

I've had the car on an alignment rack 3 times, about 1000 miles in between. It seems like it's not holding the alignment very well. Is there anything else besides the main suspension components that could be causing this? Control arms are from FCP with about 35k on them. All bushings appear to be in good shape and not ripped or cracking. Stock springs with Bilstein shocks that have about 25k on them.

Pics are the following:
1 & 2 - Final readouts from first alignment. Just took it in for an occasional check. The pre-alignment numbers were actually all in spec.

3,4,5,6 - Alignment 2. Fixed a bad CV boot, took it back in for reassurance (I have Firestone lifetime alignments on the car). 3&4 are front before/after, 5&6 rear.

7 - Alignment check 3. Had tires mounted and they offered a free alignment check (not Firestone).

The more I think about it, seems like maybe technician error? Reason being, the first alignment was close before it was adjusted. The front right toe was adjusted a tenth of a degree and the rear toe was adjusted .05 degree on each side. Since then, it doesn't seem to be holding.