I just installed the DTUK piggyback Tuning Box and Pedal Box. On setting 2/3 and middle on the Pedal Box.

First Impression: Vastly improved throttle response. More power everywhere, especially down low.

Is it as big of an improvement as a APR Stage 1 on a GTI or B8 S4? No, but it's a good 75% as big of an improvement in overall power and enjoyment, from a driver-seat perspective.

Once my Milltek stuff comes in, I will do a stock vs DTUK VS DTUK/Milltek dyno test. If I had to take a guess, I'd say I got an extra 50HP - 50TQ.

That said, the minute a real tune is available I'll jump on it. I'm not worried about voiding the warranty. If you are - this is a good way to get some extra power, and likely not impact your warranty (DO NOT take my word on that - do your own research).