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    Ignition lock cylinder and the lock housing

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    Hey everyone! So, I browsed the forum search, but couldn't find anything that was exactly helpful, so I'm posting this hoping to get some assistance. I have had some issues with my 1999 Audi A4 Quattro, which is a given considering the age of the car; but, that being said, she only has 93,000 miles, so at least it's not that she's been run into the ground. Anyway, About half a year ago, I was unable to start my car. Tested the battery, and it was dead. Bought a new battery. Three weeks later, battery died again, but when tested, the cells were still good, and the battery was just drained. Figured that it was the alternator, so took her to a local shop where that was confirmed. They put in a new alternator, but two months later, she died again. Thankfully, the alternator was under warranty, so the shop replaced it, no issues. They diagnosed my electrical system and found that there was a parasitic draw that caused my radio to still pull from the battery if not turned off before the car was turned off. They advised me that I'd need to replace the ignition lock cylinder and the lock housing. To repair it, they quoted me a price of $1,100. Now, I don't plan on taking my beautiful Rose (my car's name) back to this shop--and not because of the quoted price, but because when I got my car back, they pack incorrectly repositioned my front bumper AND forgot to plug in my right headlight.

    All that aside, I have decided to fix this myself, and I am turning to you fine folks for guidance. Does anyone have experience replacing the ignition lock cylinder and the lock housing? Do you suggest OEM parts, or could I swap parts from a different model and perhaps save a bit of money? If so, what models should I be scouring my local pick-a-part? Also, if I were to install a remote start, would I even need to replace the lock housing?

    In closing, thanks for reading all of this and also thanks in advance for any guidance and insight you all might offer!
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