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    My now EX after 25 years always allowed me to have my extra fun car. Anything from 1960s classic muscle to Porsches. So, enjoy your life and have fun.

    My 23 year old son, now a car guy still remembers my '68 Olds 442 that I would take him to T-ball in. So pass on the car love to your future family.
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    Or...get your wife into cars. I'll never forget the look on her face and the laughter the first time she drove an STI back in 06'....priceless! Now she drives a B8 s4....stage 2 and wants an RS7!! Lol!! Gotta love Alpha female lawyers.
    But she just went to the drag strip with me and now signed up for some HPDE events. It's really easy now that she's into cars...shes even been looking at wheels and suspension stuff online! Lol! She has no clue what she's in for..the mod bug runs deep!!
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    LOL best story

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