Hey Guys.

Next weekend my new transmission mounts for my B7 will arrive, it's 2.0T with tip trans.

I had a look today and been reading around here in AZ and I didn't find a diy but it looks like a straight forward job, I want someone have done this to correct me if the steps below are wrong.
I see there is a mention to use epoxy on the top bolt to hold it in place, not sure why? Why not to remove be bracket all together while supporting the transmission?

Here are the steps and I will be taking

Before staring the below I will support the transmission with a floor jack, piece of wood will be used.

Step 1 : undo those four

Step 2:


Then replace the mount and put everything back.

Will that work ?
Comment please.
I want to get it done fast and right with no surprises.

Thanks in advance.

B7 2.0TQ Avant '08