As the winter months come closer and the days get darker, I thought it would be a good idea to see what new xenon bulbs are currently out in the market. When it comes to xenon bulbs, they sure are not cheap but rather than finding the cheapest bulbs on eBay, which will last 3-6 months, why not invest in some good OE quality bulbs. Osram and Philips have been leading the way since the 1900s so I thought I would do a comparison on the two vs the OEM bulbs.

The bulbs I will be reviewing are as follows:

OSRAM Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2

A quick comparison of the bulb differences:

Before ordering, I reached out to Powerbulbs customerís service team to as a few questions about these bulbs. The advice received was accurate and the customer service advisor kept me updated on the progress of my order. These were purchased using a 20% off discount code (NEWBIES) which should still be active, if not a quick google search to help find a code. Osram and Philips have been tackling counterfeit bulbs so both these have an authenticity sticker to check they are genuine. Not to mention Powerbulbs are the approved distributor for both brands so you are sure to be receiving the genuine products. You also receive a free 12 months warranty with Powerbulbs should any item fail within that period, simply return them back for a replacement, not to mention the free worldwide shipping.

Osram Genuine Check

Philips Genuine Check

They are both very well packaged and arrived very quickly. A quick overview of the packaging:

I went about to get them installed and to compare the difference between all three. Below is a few pictures of the OEM bulbs.

Standard OE Bulbs

As you can see from the above picture, the colour temperature is warmer than the Philips and Osram bulbs.

Philips X-Tremevision gen2

Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited


As you can see, both bulbs are a very good upgrade from the stock bulb, although the Philips just edges ahead in terms of colour temperature and light output. They both throw out a lot further too. Regardless of which one you go for you will see a noticeable difference at night that will help elevate the eye fatigue occurred on long journeys. Just make sure you do get the genuine bulbs, they are miles apart from the counterfeits and cheap Chinese knockoffs, which provide a false economy.

Any question, let me know.

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