Ok, help me out here fellas

Took the car out for a cruise yesterday for about an hour, car drove fine the entire time from what I recall. As I got closer to home I decided to stop for gas. Get in the car start her up, go to place the car in first and nothing. Its like something it stopping the shifter from moving all the way to where it has to go. Feels this way in every gear. If I go to put the car In reverse I get a very slight grinding noise. If I turn the car off, it goes into all the gears just like it did before this issue. If I start the car with it in first and the clutch all the way down, the car moves forward and wont come out of first, like the clutch isn't being pushed in enough to get to the release point (even though the clutch is in) Prior to this car drove fine. Talked to a few guys and we all seemed to cancel out it being an internal issue. Some guys say throw out bearing other say clutch slave. My question when the slave was mentioned is "but wouldn't the pedal feel funny?" A ,lot of guys said no theirs felt normal and the slave ended up shitting the bed.

Any thoughts?