SO did the job Friday and that was exactly the issue!!

When we first dropped the trans we didn't notice anything at first. I took the pressure plate off and heard something rattling and a piece of metal fell out. One of those "teeth/prongs" had snapped off. IM told those are the throw out bearing prongs that stop the bearing from being pushed too far. I have never heard of this happing till now. So I put a new clutch disk and P/P in along with new clutch fork and fork pivot pin. When we had the trans down we noticed the shifter stabilizer bar bushing was shot to the point it was almost non existent so my buddy made a new one out of delring on his lave. Boy what a difference, took all the notchiness out of the shifter and the car has never shifted smoother. Took the car out the other night and put a hundred miles on it so far. Hopefully I can at least put a few hundred more on her before I take a trip to NJ next weekend.

Glad that's all over with. Thanks for all the help guys, really appreciate it.