Thinking about moving up to an S4, but am not sure I'm ready to let go of my car yet. Strong interest in it might change that. NADA trade in is $8100 and retail is $10,500. I'd sell it for a bit above retail with most of the mods. Would come with S4 rotors rather than the VMR V701s that are on it now. I'd also swap over the short shifter, BFI knob, roof rack and drivetrain inserts. Sways, k04, strut bars, sway end-links, HFC (and /or test pipe) and water meth system would stay on the car. It is currently running a 100 octane APR tune with the W/M system bumping up 93 octane fuel. Two other tunes loaded on the car are 93 octane and a "stock" file for passing emissions.

All mod and issue history I've had with this car have been shared on AZ. I think the only failure I've ever had is the front wheel bearings. I changed those around 50K.

2010 Audi A4 Premium Plus 6MT Sport Package
I know there are not many sport package 6MTs out there
H&R rear and front sways
Moog rear and front sway bar end-links
Ultra Racing strut bar
Snow Performance water / meth system
AFE dry flow air filter
ECS turbo inlet hose
Heat wrapped test pipe (could also come with an HFC, if needed to pass emissions)
APR K04 tunes
Exhaust modified with a magnaflow muffler
Akebono Ceramic brake pads
Suntec Carbon window tint
R8 coil packs
Treadstone TR8 FMIC
Ultra Racing rear brace
Podi boost gauge
catch can
USP stainless steel clutch line
Spec stage 2+ clutch and new OEM flywheel installed last year

Timing tensioner updated last year
Fuel filter changed around 70K miles
Front and rear diff fluid flushed
brake fluid flushed
new solid brake rotors front and back (rear are centric and front are Brembo)
oil changes every 3000-5000 miles
carbon cleaning last year (had very little buildup)
recently gave it a good DA polish. Paint is briliant black, so it's impossible to not have some swirls, but it looks damn good for 125,000 miles, where there are not chips.

Car runs like a champ and feels as solid as any car I've been in. I can keep up with any car with a 1/4 mile listed in the mid 12s. I drive it spiritedly but not stupidly. Until yesterday, I was planning on keeping it for another 100K. I love the car and the only better daily I'd find is a blue, tuned S4. soo...

The paint isn't perfect. There are a few touchup spots from other people being careless around it.

May also change my mind quickly and pull this back down.