Since there's more mod activity here, just stopping by to get some opinions for my exhaust mod on the A7 3.0T. I just swapped in stock S7 rear mufflers only. Overall it's good though a bit too subtle of a difference over the stock A7 mufflers. I have the rest of the stock S7 catback (center suitcase and front pair resonators) sitting in the garage.
Already contemplating what to do with the center suitcase muffler to try to get a bit more noticeable deep growl on acceleration. I decided to mod piece by piece to ensure there's no drone, and because i had no idea if the center suitcase muffler would make any difference. I know the magnaflow resonated x-pipe is a popular mod.. This is my daily driver so i can't have drone and need it to remain civilized enough for wife and babies. Just looking for a little more..

Do i also swap in the S7 center muffler (which I have)?
Do i swap in a Magnaflow resonated x-pipe?
Do i delete the center muffler altogether and straight pipe it?
Do I touch my stock resonator pair?