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    Oil Pan and Oil Changes

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    Are the oil pans plastic on these new cars? (S5)

    Also, is there a dipstick on the engine? I'd like to do my own oil changes from extracting up top.


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    I just changed the oil in my 18 S5, there is a dipstick tube located near the oil filter. The oil filter number is 06M198405f.

    You will need a 32mm socket for the filter housing. My engine took about 7.25 quarts.

    The only issue i see is that there is a label under hood that states use oil spec VW 508.00 which is a 0W20 weight oil. the owners manual states you can top off the oil with 5W30, 0W40, or 5W40 and the 2018 Audi maintenance guide also states the aforementioned oil weights can be used. So there is some confusion with weight and spec of the oil. I could not locate an 0W20 weight oil that met the VW 508.00 spec.

    All in all it is as easy to change as any older S5

    Good luck.


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