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    Quote Originally Posted by stussy2870 View Post
    I went with the a4 Tuner:D440-0046. That was the one that I was told would work.. hope so :)

    Aslo got these..
    OBD Fusion App (IOS) 9.99
    Wifi Scanner - 17.99

    The app supposedly does these things - among many others:
    - Performance Calcluations for 1/4 mile, 0-60
    - Display HP and Tq
    - Display Boost Pressure in "real time"
    - Display Calculated Air-to-Feul ratio

    lots of others too.. Seemed waaaaaay beyond my need so i bought it lol!
    How do you like the OBD scanner? How accurate is the boost , power gauge, was the install plug and play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coupegt7 View Post
    How do you like the OBD scanner? How accurate is the boost , power gauge, was the install plug and play?

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    Dunno, should get it all today-- Ill follow up once i do :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by stussy2870 View Post
    Hey Bill,

    ......... I think i'm just going to buy it. Dinan is a trusted company
    my BIL used to work with them back in the 80's

    - a buddy of mine has a BMW with a bunch of Dinan aftermarket parts. I cant imagine that this product doesn't do what it says..
    it works on a V simple principal.. it just tells the ecu its seeing less boost that it is....
    no other parameters are effected or adjusted....
    some think this is just fine..... others think not, as many other parameters are not monitored, adjusted & balanced as would be in a "proper" tune.

    my feeling is that the ultimate boost in intake pressure is at a level that a car in good running order thats been well maintained should be able to hold up just fine to this minor modification.

    to me, it is all about realistic expectation.....
    this thing is good for maybe 10% increase at best.....

    if you can get one for < $200, then i fail to see any reason not to if your looking for a small gain in performance....

    for me, its a good little toy till i get my apr stage two.... at which time i will just flip it, (pay it forward, as they say) at a reasonable used price to some one here, hopefully, who will enjoy it as much i do....

    until then, it works just fine....
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