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Thread: New A5 offer

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    New A5 offer

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    So starting today till October theres a new A5 offer posted on the main Audi USA site and also my local dealers site. It says $750 for the 2018 A5 for current owners of a few luxury brands. So I called up my dealer to get it added to my order since I'm suppose to pick up Monday. The manager tells me the offer is incorrect, it's just for the 2017. Mind you, it took him 10 minutes to actually look it up on the site after insisting it didn't say that. He said he has to check with Audi directly if it will be honered because it's wrong.

    Is this a valid offer or is he just playing games with me?

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    Good morning, thank you for your interest in the Audi A5. The Summer of Audi Sales Event goes until 7/31/2017. Can you send me a PM with the link and which dealer you've been in contact with. The Summer of Audi Sales Event goes until 7/31/2017.
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    In my region it is only for loyalty customers and even if it is for other brands, it is an incentive from Audi so it does not cost the dealer money. I would say he is doing you a huge favor by seeing if Audi will honor the incentive if it is wrong online. So no, he is not playing games.


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