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    Timing chain tensioner

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    Hello AOA back in August 2015 my 2010 A4 was in the dealer to get the stage 2 of the oil consumption done. At that time I told the Service advisor to change out the timing chain tensioner if it didnt have the latest revision already. I also asked the SA for a quote on the complete timing chain service. I was quoted about $1000 for all the chains, guides, tensioner ect. I declined the chains and guides after speaking with a Audi master tech he said just change the failure prone timing chain tensioner. So about 4 days later I picked up the car. The service advisor told me I have the latest timing chain tensioner and all my parts were perfect. This past week I had some work going on with the car and looked into the inspection port for the timing chain tensioner. This is what I found

    The old style tensioner. When I asked for the tensioner to be swapped out. It even says on my service receipt that the car had the latest tensioner. Who dropped the ball here? The tech or the service advisor. Why they just couldn't replace the part I asked them replace is beyond me. Only reason I could think of is more money for the dealer in repairs when the timing chain tensioner fails or more money for the dealer when I buy a new car. Please fix this issue.

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    Good morning, I am sorry to learn of your concerns and experience. I would like to discuss your concerns further. Expect a PM from me.
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