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    Continued Problems with my S4

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    We thought the dealership had fixed the issue but now it's back, so I thought I'd try my hand at this.

    About a year to year and a half ago, my 2014 S4 started developing a popping sound when turning (like reversing into a parking spot and cutting the wheel) and even under heavy braking. It seemed to be coming from the front end. My dealership took it for a few weeks and the end result they found was the differentials were bad and the transmission needed replacement. Shortly after that was completed, I needed another transmission as the "new" one was leaking oil.

    Well that didn't fix the problem. We had them take another stab at it and they went to town with all sorts of attempted fixes - subframe bolts, steering rack bolts, motor mounts, bushings, struts, etc. Ultimately the regional tech manager that works for AoA directly told the dealership to replace a front control arm again, that they might have initially replaced it with a bad one. Sure enough, it seemed to stop!

    Oops, now a year later, it's coming up again. I know my dealership will do whatever they can to fix it, but I'm concerned that this is a problem again. It doesn't leave me a lot of confidence in owning this car much longer. To top that off, I've got rattles that keep cropping up, wipers that skip across the windshield that no one has been able to fix (not even with a new windshield and wiper blades) and a rear end that squeaks going over speed bumps.

    Can AoA help my dealership resolve these issues?? Perhaps an engineer or tech from Audi could come down and help determine the root cause? I don't know how to approach it from here..

    Thanks for your insight,
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    Hi Josh, I am sorry to learn of your concerns with your Audi S4. Expect a PM from me.
    Vincenzo F.

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