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    My B8.5 S5 Sportback

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    Hey guys,
    This is my B8.5 S5 Sportback.
    I bought it at the beginning of 2016 while still under Audi's 5-year/100.000km warranty.

    Since I got it, I installed a Kline valvetronic exhaust, got a stage1 ECU & TCU tune from MRC (raised output from 331bhp/440Nm to 427bhp/504Nm) and then added a K&N high-flow air filter. A carbon fibre intake tube is also on the way. The guy behind MRC guaranteed the air filter and the intake tube will take it to 445-450bhp, he could see air pressure being very low after the air filter. They seem pretty sure about this (they have their own mule car on which they're testing their mods), so much so that they offered to pay for the new dyno test if it pushes lower than 445. So I'm optimistic :) Either way, 427bhp seems like a great power gain to get from just a tune, so I'm already a happy boy.

    A little winter track fun:

    And my trusty co-pilot

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    Quote Originally Posted by stiggysaurus View Post
    This is siiiiick!

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