Hey everyone. I'm new here and I apologize if this question has been discussed already.

I have a project on my mind. I want to adapt an Audi A4/A5 S-line side skirts to an Audi A3 8PA (sportback). For some reason I like the A4/A5 blade style side skirts more than the genuine S3 ones. As they are longer then the A3 can accommodate, I'm going to cut a piece off the middle and join two parts together. The question is what to choose: fiberglass or ABS plastic?

I can get the aftermarked side skirts inexpensive off ebay, but most of them is made of fiberglass. The price of ABS plastic made ones is double.

I know that ABS plastic is more flexible than fiberglass. But what of them is easier:

- to cut/saw (I'm going to use a hacksaw)
- to clue
- to putty and prepare for spraying

I don't want this project to be too expensive too. I'd appreciate any advise.

The image below is manipulation but it shows a desired result.