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    Seized trunk button

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    Can't push it. Power locks make the right noises, but button won't go in. Pushing hard enough to flex the rear panel... Thought about using a hammer but decided to wait until I could use it strategically instead of angrily.

    Is my destiny crawling in the trunk and trying to remove the inner liner to get at the mechanism? Is that even possible to do with the lid closed?

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    Yes you can access from in the trunk. Been there done that. Bring a flashlight and some snacks. Screws are Philips holding the panel on. Some good old trunk spelunking. I would try that before possibly damaging your trunk. Try some penetrant on the outside and let it soak

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    Like said by SteveAudi99,

    The panel is the the lower "kick" panel at the entrance to the trunk. The Phillips screws are a decently small size so be careful not to strip them.

    Play with the latch with a screwdriver and to get your trunk open. From there you'll be able to try to fix latch by removing the larger panel on the trunk itself.

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