My mother is selling her 2005.5 black A4 tiptronic, black interior wood grain, has power seats, heated seats etc. No modding or anything like that, she is the third owner, my neighbor was the second owner for 100k and first owner had it leased to 33k I've been around it my whole life and can get you any maintenance info you want has been well cared for and all that jazz, does have current minor things that need tending, I was thinking about buying it for my wife but she's not in a good place to take care of it (financially) and her current car is her first car so I'd rather she just keeps it (has a 1/3rd less miles too and is a Ford Focus so it's easier/cheaper for her to maintain)

You can read about current status of the car here

Any additional questions just ask

She is offering it for 3500$ firm here on the forum, I told her you guys wouldn't wanna mess around since A. You know the cars and what they're worth and B. It's got no mods or anything special

She's hoping for a quick sale! Drives great and I am still on the fence about buying it for my wife I just don't know if I wanna deal with selling hers (my wife's) it's in real rough shape 🤢 as she didn't care for it well and I am afraid she might do the same to the A4 sigh...

Let me know if anyone is interested! I'm always on here avoiding work

Thanks all

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