Well, after a winter of driving roughly 7,000 miles on winter tires, I pulled my wheels off today and was shocked at the amount of inner tire wear I had.

Before i get started let me state a few things.
1. I researched my alignment information through the forums
2. I set my numbers as close to what Old Guy's recommendations are in his thread (Thanks Old Guy, your info is great) - http://www.audizine.com/forum/showth...-Lowered-B6-A4
3. Both my front and rear subframes are centered as best I could get them.
4. The alignment was performed on a brand new Hunter rack, by a good friend of mine at the Acura dealer.
5. Tires on the rear of the car appeared to be wearing more evenly, until they were rotated to the front, and then were severely worn on the inside edges.
6. All suspension components were torqued in their weighted position.

Suspenison specs:
Front fender to ground clearance = 24 5/8
Rear fender to ground clearance = 24 7/8
Koni Coilovers with 11,000 miles
All suspension bushings / control arms / sway bar links / wheel bearings - entire front suspension & most of rear replaced with OEM parts 11,000 miles ago
Stock front upper control arms - I do own a set of Stern adjustable arms that could be installed if need be

Here are my after measurements of the new alignment:

Here are a few tire pictures:

I know that having two degrees of negative camber on the front suspension will eventually cause some of the inner tire wear, but it can't as severe as what I just found? As most of my research as led me, most inner tire wear issues are due to bad toe settings, and adding negative camber on top of that will make it even worse but my toe settings are damn near zero! As stated above, I have a set of Stern upper control arms that can go on at anytime.

Does anyone think the soft winter tire compound is just accelerating the issue?

If anyone could provide any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!