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    Main bearings... too much oil clearance

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    I just rebuilt my 2004 1.8 awm. Car had 178k on it and timing belt broke causing bent valves. I figure if I'm gonna pull the head why not go completely through the engine with that many mile. The bearings had what would seem to be usual wear with that many miles and the crank didn't look too bad either but I took it and had it polished anyway. Upon reassembly I checked all bearing clearances using Plastiguage. The mains were out of tolerance to the high side but, knowing better I put it together anyway. Now upon cold start I have 60 psi oil pressure at idle, but once engine is up to temp it's barely above 10 psi. My assumption is the mains being too loose causing this. So the question is does anyone know of any supplier that has main bearings that would be .001 or .002 undersize... making less oil clearance? I've seen some that say .001 oversize to make more oil clearance. Thanks for any help.

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    think about it , how would someone make a crank that was oversize from the factory lol


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